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Early 20th century , with the Chinese society in transition from traditional to modern , from traditional culture nurtured and developed the traditional literature , has been unable to meet and adapt to new social people in the mental, emotional and sensory needs, demise. Requirements of the times China 's literary novelty, change . In this context , a variety of modern Western ideas , relying on its economic, political , scientific and technological aspects of power and influence, inroads into China , China 's traditional literature in vulnerable under the impact of these thoughts , the rapid disintegration of a new generation of writers in Hu Sale , Heidegger, Nietzsche , Schopenhauer , Kierkegaard , Freud and others under the influence of ideology , setting off a massive new literary movement . 20th century Chinese literature as a starting point to start from closed to open , from the local community and the world. Writers of this period , all subject to the influence of modern Western thought : Lu Xun 's "The Scream" in the basic spirit of realism and techniques , the lessons of the symbolism, romanticism and other techniques , laid the basic modern Chinese fiction character ; Guo 's " goddess" by Rabindranath Tagore , Goethe, Whitman , Shelley et al multivariate effect , forming a romantic style ; Bing , Zhou Zuoren 's essays, prose writer in the West is under the influence of the formation of his own style ...... to the 1930s, and by Freud doctrine modernist literary trend of Western influence , China also appeared to Liu Naou , Mu Shiying as the representative of new Sensation Novel . However , this period of modern Western thought on the idea of ​​Chinese literature is limited, it is a major role in Chinese literary form , but not in-depth bone marrow of Chinese literature , has not really affected the spirit of Chinese literature . Chinese writers on modern Western ideas of learning, but also just stay on the surface , was not able to go deep into the depths of Western cultural trends .

For decades after the founding of the detention , the modern Western ideas always get in the door , the occasional negative example as a critical materials and philosophical works were translated abroad , such as the Commercial Press and Shanghai People's Publishing House published in the 1960s , "Han translation academic world famous series " ," modern foreign bourgeois philosophy data selections "and other books , as well as Sartre , Heidegger and others work , but also by the people to resist , doubt , criticism and indifference , hardly any effect .

Late 1970s, China 's reform and opening up policy , the country re- open to the world , a variety of Western modernism flood of Chinese . Just from the political nightmare of the Cultural Revolution decade struggled out of intellectuals, cultural resources from the West for a huge desire. Translators have to meet the urgent needs of these people began to translate and introduce a large variety of modern Western thought, but also a large number of publishers to publish the writings of Western thinkers and writers . Such as Sichuan People's Publishing House published the first in the early 1980s, more than a hundred of the the "Towards the Future Series ", where most of the world today is the translation and introduction of new technology, humanities , social sciences, and the political and legal aspects of the book . Shanghai Translation Publishing House followed the publication of the "modern Western philosophy Renditions " followed , Joint Publishing fully launched the " Culture: China and the World" , "academic library ", " knowledge library" , translated and published nearly one hundred modern western books , it is an unprecedented impetus to the 1980s modern Western ideas spread in China . People not only come into contact with Kant , neo-Kantian , Hegelian , neo-Hegelianism , also come into contact with phenomenology, hermeneutics, Freudianism , existentialism, Marxism, philosophy of logical analysis , as well as contemporary political science, law, education , history and so on. In the field of literature , the Western modernist literature has also been widely translated and presentation. Yuan Kejia editor of four books Juanba "foreign modernist literature election" , published after they rage , becoming the most popular bestseller. Other publishers are also competing foreign literary works published , such as the Beijing Foreign Literature Publishing House and Shanghai Translation Publishing House jointly published the " 20th Century Foreign Literature Series ", " Foreign Literature Series " , Guangxi Lijiang Publishing House " Nobel literature prize writer works " as well as publishing a large number of foreign literature research data by the readers of the pro -Lai. Along with the Western intellectual whipping hot , hot as Sartre , Nietzsche hot , hot Freud , Heidegger hot , hermeneutics hot , hot deconstruction , feminism heat, hot new historicism , Chinese contemporary literature also continue to produce a variety of literary trends , such as " scar literature ", " reflection literature", " roots" Literature , "Vanguard novel ," " new Realism Novel ", "New Historicism Novels ", " female literature " and so on . China 's critics , but also learned a variety of methodologies . If 1985 was known as the "Methodology Year" phenomenological method , hermeneutic method , Western Marxism , feminism methods , literary psychology methods , psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud , Jung myth prototyping , structuralist approach so poured into academia . Reviewed by using these new methods to analyze the intrinsic elements of contemporary works dissected to reveal Chinese people's psychological structure , showing the deep unconscious literary works , digging ideological power mode of operation.

本文标签: 西方现代思潮.




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