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Part A ii)

In part A i) above, you were given an initial supply of resources. Now that you have made

your allocation of staff to tasks you should reconsider this allocation.
在部分A i)项,分别给予的初始资源供应。现在,你已作出。你应该重新考虑你的工作人员的任务分配分配。


1.  Find the minimum level of resources required for your project in order that it is still possible for all tasks to continue starting at their earliest event times. Explain how you achieve this and give suitable evidence to show that it has been achieved.

2.  Find the minimum number of architects that can be allocated to your project without delaying the project finish date. Again, explain and give evidence.

Explain also why this knowledge may be important to the effective management of your project

Leave the number of resources at the level found in part A ii) 1. for the rest of your work.

Part B:

At the moment, the project is using the default “standard” Microsoft Project calendar that ignores both Bank and Public Holidays. Create a new copy of the standard calendar (perhaps called Topple Estate). It should include the following dates, where relevant, as non working days:
Year 2011: 03 Jan 22 Apr 25 Apr 02 May 30 May
      29 Aug 26 Dec 27 Dec 
Year 2012: 02 Jan 06Apr 09 Apr 07 May 04 Jun 
05 Jun 27 Aug 25 Dec 26 Dec
             .... please ignore any public holidays beyond these dates
With the “standard” calendar the project is due to start on 06th June, 2011 and finish on 11th Dec, 2012 (a total of 397 working days). 
Where will your new calendar be used in Project? Carefully explain any change in the project finish date or duration and explain why it is useful to reset the baseline at this point. Show some clear evidence that dates have been changed to non working days. 
                                (10 marks)

Part C:

You are now given the following information about fixed costs:

Overheads are allocated to the project at £100 per day (covering administrative costs, secretarial support, consumables, photocopying, plan prints and office accommodation where allocated to this project, etc.). 

For task/phase 12 (Site Survey) there is a supervising Surveyor who will charge a fixed fee of £5,000 regardless of the length of the phase. Payable at the end of the phase.

For task 29 (Installation of site monitoring) there is a delivery and set up charge of £250 for the site monitoring equipment (payable up front).

For task 31 (Monitoring building) the hire charge of the monitoring equipment is £10/day deductable pro rata.

For task 46 (Undertake investigation ....)  equipment hire is £40/week payable at the end of the task.

You may add other fixed costs if you wish ... provided that you justify their inclusion.
Add the fixed costs as specified above.  Describe carefully how each fixed costs is allocated within the programme and how much each adds to total cost. Provide evidence of these changes.
Note: When you add fixed costs make sure they do not change the duration of tasks.
(10 marks)

Part D:  

Describe the three most important reports or print outs that would, in your view, produce the most concise executive summary of the project at this stage. Explain carefully what each report or print out tells you and why or how you think it is important. Include a sample page of each report/view (but do not print more than one page of each report/view)
                               (15 marks)
Part E:
What is meant by the term tracking?  Why is it necessary to track a project?
Track through this project for tasks 3 to 7 inclusive by making any assumptions about actual durations and/or costs you like.  Have at least three tasks where either the duration or the cost (or both) were different from your baseline figure(s).  
Carefully document the changes made with respect to the consequent changes to actual duration and/or actual cost of the project. Explain carefully any time and/or cost variances that you have created.
Provide print out which demonstrates that tracking has occurred at task level and shows cost and/or time variances at task level. 
(25 marks)

Part F:

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