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A focus on improving security, sense of responsibility , from the " air defense, physical defense, anti-technology , defense" multi-level security perimeter established four

( A ) person as the first element of risk prevention , it is important to grasp the ideological trend of employees .
In selecting, appointing staff to a good "three ," the first officer to enter off . Pick good political quality , high moral character , business ability, strong sense of responsibility of personnel to augment the accounting, treasury and other key positions, key positions of team members to ensure excellent quality , excellent work style ; Second officer thought off . Key staff positions concerned , both from a static point of good understanding of important staff positions consistent performance , and from a dynamic perspective for important staff positions to grasp the ideological situation , pay attention to changes in the mindset of employees , focusing on leadership and staff communication and critical staff positions ideological concern extends to the " eight hours " outside ; Third, staff education related . Various forms of life, values ​​, austere style of education, professional ethics education, legal education , and enhance employee engagement dedication and compliance concepts .在挑选、委派担任职务的人上把好“三关”,一是担任职务的人进入了关。选拔 政治 素质能力好、思想品质道德高、业务有经验强、办公责任感强的担任职务的人充实到 会计 、金库等要害岗位,确珍重要岗位队伍担任职务的人素质能力过硬,办公风纪过硬;二是担任职务的人思想关。
( Two ) in the risk prevention equipment and other hardware purchase funds , the implementation of key tilt.
Funds should be devoted to accounting , treasury business accounting systems, monitoring and protection system , computer security systems are a lot of lightning protective isolation transformation optional safety supervisors , regular inspection , identify problems promptly corrected, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the business processes , foolproof.
( Three ) establish a sound system of personal responsibility , normative daytime operating practices to ensure that all important job responsibilities clear.
In computer security, management, accounting systems for each host installation screen saver , set into the machine orders and password , the operator terminal sets of people from the machine automatically exit after 10 minutes , to prevent others from entering the operating system for large transfer of funds to enable the scanner for pre- transfer certificate for the implementation of comprehensive workplace monitoring surveillance.
( Four ) to establish defense interaction mechanism .
Should establish risk prevention , safety leadership group, from time to time organize the accounting , treasury, and other important positions to check security meetings held regularly analyze the stock room positions among potential risks , make recommendations for improvement , the formation of a written report . Meanwhile, public security, financial institutions to establish working contacts financial security conference system, the formation top to bottom with a coordinated defense mechanism to prevent the occurrence of instability .

Second, standardize operations , and strengthen supervision and management, risk prevention funds to build security barrier

Set in important positions , and then follow the principle of separation of incompatible , do not and should not be part of the gang , on behalf of classes should not generations, to avoid mix Kong, for post, random post, put an end to business processes "first hand clear " behavior ; in checking accounts , the issuance funds, banks that take place every day between the amount and the balance from the accounting, treasury officers after the end of each business checking signatures , and under the jurisdiction of Recipient , financial and taxation departments to implement a monthly face to face Reconciliation , signed by a competent business checking opinions on the use of computer management, business accounting system for the implementation of protective isolation and physical isolation , create a host system and the computer room into stark maintain registries to prevent contact with non- business personnel accounting system requiring operation personnel required to set a password , passwords, regular replacement , fill in "Password replace the card ."

Third, the strict implementation of the system , improve the " four system principle" prevention and control of various types of financial risk expansion

Signed their responsibility to shape, will be responsible for the leadership , department heads, staff safety management, direct responsibility , responsibility to shape the form of joint and several liability to be clear through . Further improve the " leadership responsibility, personal responsibility, post-supervision system, accountability systems" principle of risk prevention four system will break down the implementation risk responsibility to the relevant personnel . Business operators at all levels to strictly enforce the rules and regulations . Important positions established evaluation system, the risk is found signs in time, to prevent the risk further expansion.

Fourth, in the risk prevention to achieve "three changes"

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