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First, the major economies to stimulate economic conditions and trends in policy adjustments

Countries to cope with the international financial crisis stimulus policies adopted can be divided into two categories: one is the emergency nature of the " temporary " policy. Including high frequency substantially lower its benchmark interest rate to the massive injection of financial institutions , the central bank to buy bonds , a substantial reduction of taxes and issuing coupons and other unconventional measures . One is the long-term " cure " policy. Including the strengthening of financial supervision , foster strategic emerging industries , adjusting the industrial structure, promoting technological innovation . Among the former is the policy, quickly stabilize the international financial situation at the same time , leading to fluctuations in commodity prices , increasing pressure on governments fiscal balance . It can be expected , as the economy improves, this type of unconventional move is bound to gradually withdraw . However, due to the economic recovery is progressing quite different , since the second half of 2009 the pace of national implementation of exit policy is not the same . In particular:

( A ) rapid recovery of the U.S. withdraw stimulus policies have started warming up
By the steady rise of industrial production and private investment to support growth , in 2009 fourth quarter U.S. GDP growth qoq annualized rate of 5.6 % qoq two consecutive quarters of positive growth . In this context, the Fed raised in February this year, commercial bank loans discount rate 25 basis points to 0.75% , the maximum duration of loans based on shortened from 28 days to overnight , the lowest short-term funding auctions tool split into interest rate increased from 0.25% to 0.5% , and starting from March 8 to close the channel . However, due to the continuing influx of small bank failures , the commercial real estate market continues to deteriorate , no obvious improvement in the unemployment situation , the Fed in March this year claimed that in the longer term remains the benchmark interest rate unchanged at 0-0.25 % low . Meanwhile , the U.S. government also announced a write-down loan lenders encouraged by some or all of the sub-prime mortgage new housing rescue plan.

( Two ) the slow recovery in the EU continues to maintain an accommodative monetary policy
EU economic recovery is slow, in 2009 fourth-quarter GDP growth of 0.1 percent , worse than the third quarter of 0.3%. Since last December , some EU members are also affected by the sovereign debt crisis , namely the balance of the fiscal deficit and public debt to GDP is too high , the international rating agency downgraded Greece and Portugal's sovereign credit rating , and hinted Ireland, Italy , Spain and Britain also exist similar problems. EU response to this relatively slow , then take them out to the end of March this year, the initial solution , resulting in the EU economy has been badly hit, the euro area unemployment rate in January rose to 9.9% in February to 10% . In this context , the European Central Bank in March this year and the Bank of England kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged and did not adjust the "quantitative easing" policy scale. But European governments have vowed to control spending in order to reduce government debt .

( Three ) deflation in Japan implemented a new stimulus
Fourth quarter of 2009 , Japan's GDP growth of 0.9% , better than the third quarter, but worse than in the second quarter . Pushing the main driving force of economic recovery in Japan is Asia 's export growth, but Japan continues to face the problem of sluggish domestic demand . February of this year , Japan's core CPI has been 12 consecutive months of decline , obvious signs of deflation . Toyota and other Japanese Nissan's recent recall events may further affect Japan's economic growth . To this end, Japan is not only added at the end of the 2009 fiscal year budget for the expansion of financing support for SMEs , and promote investment in housing , employment, security and environmental protection, also passed in March of this year a record number of 2010 fiscal year budget , a substantial increase social security investment. Recently, the Bank of Japan also announced further implementation of expansionary monetary policy , while maintaining a level of 0.1% of the original interest rate unchanged at the same time , to provide financial institutions with an emergency loan amount raised doubled to 20 trillion yen .

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