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one marketing project teaching analysis of the advantages

Project approach is very popular in today's international education as a teaching method , especially in MBA education more widely used . The so-called Project Approach (projectlearning) refers to the teachers and students through joint implementation of a complete project work carried out teaching activities. Project Approach The key is to design and develop a project task. Its guiding ideology is a relatively independent task given to a student completes the project , from the collection of information , program design and implementation , to complete the evaluation by the students in charge . Through the integration of theoretical knowledge and practical teaching in the project , the students ' participation in the learning process more in-depth learning initiative enhanced by doing, learning to do the way to strengthen the students' professional knowledge and ability . Marketing as a highly practical and social applications integrated disciplines in the teaching process , the design practice-oriented teaching methods, teaching to introduce the project to marketing teaching , for the training of professional interest , a comprehensive improve the overall quality of great benefit. With the traditional teaching model compared to marketing , project teaching method has the following comparative advantages :

1.1 Formal education teachers play a dominant

Traditional marketing teaching, teachers in the teaching of a dominant position , the use of rigid teaching methods instill , the objective limits the students' potential into full play. The Project Approach use of " project lead , task-driven " teaching methods , emphasizing the dominant position of students , teachers as mentors and guides .
1.2 emphasis on integrated learning content
Traditional marketing focus is teaching the theory of teaching , combined with the occasional case or experiential learning , and project approach emphasizes not only imparting knowledge , but also pay more attention to the application of knowledge to enhance the overall quality of students .
1.3 autonomy on learning
Marketing project teaching has changed the traditional way of teaching students passive learning , emphasizing the students in teaching subjective dynamic role in enabling students to complete the project in the process of active learning , positive thinking , encouraging students to acquire new knowledge and skills.
1.4 on the depth of involvement
Marketing Project Approach , students greatly improve the level of participation , information transfer is bidirectional. As the project comes from the actual business activities , students should focus on the real project , in-depth business practice, learning more relevant and practical.
1.5 evaluate the diversity of the means
In traditional marketing, teaching, in order to score as the primary means of evaluation , which is an extrinsic incentives . Project evaluation is not only teaching evaluation results of the project , the students pay more attention to the whole process of project evaluation capacity development , motivation means exactly is inside.

Two marketing problems in project teaching

While marketers project approach has many advantages, but also has its specific functions and limits the scope of application . Teachers should combine teaching objects , teaching conditions , teaching the different environment , etc., for scientific use , give full play to the positive role of project approach should also pay attention to the problems .

2.1 Project Contacts difficulties
Education is the key to the project design and formulation of a project task, and by the reality conditions, enterprise project is difficult to contact , thus affecting the popularity of teaching marketing projects and applications. Even linked to the project , because the project itself or the low level of participation limitations contact surface is difficult to come into contact with large integrated projects or new projects , is bound to affect the ability of students to apply innovation effectively . Meanwhile, if the project selection properly, may allow students to gain little , fell into cumbersome daily work .
2.2 student attention completion of the project , ignoring the basic knowledge
In marketing project teaching , students in an isolated , special scenario for the project team learning , relying in practice in order to explore the experience and the law , and the resulting knowledge and experience is fragmented , concrete , and traditional classroom compared taught , for a long time , the efficiency is low , it is difficult to provide systematic knowledge and theory. Meanwhile , in view of the teaching of marketing project appraisal requirements, classroom teachers are bound to compress the time that may affect the student's basic theory.
2.3 emphasizes the subjectivity of students , ignoring the teacher's role
Project Approach is a student-centered teaching mode , open the students is the protagonist of project activities , but does not require students to complete laissez-faire , independent study . As students and teachers can not accurately be their role , leading to unclear responsibilities , inadequate preparation , which appears suited to the problems . As students in the teaching of marketing projects problems are often some random unexpected problems , teachers without a full range of knowledge and strong practical experience is difficult to be able to give students timely guidance .
2.4 Student grouping problems
Marketing projects rely mainly on project teams work teaching , student grouping is an easily overlooked aspect . Project team division is not clear , it may result in the student appeared dependency, affecting the effective implementation of project tasks . The team members too easily lead to disagreement , fragmented, is not conducive to coordination between the students . Therefore, the grouping principle , members of the match, the number of members , the work of the division of labor , etc. have a direct impact on project teaching effect.
2.5 appraisal problems
Project teaching evaluation methods may help to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning , but the marketing team for each project approach often results of the evaluation is no standard answer , the teacher and student performance on the results of the project evaluation with a certain subjective, even loss of equity. For example, in the group 's self-assessment process, some students gave poor performance due to human team members score, leading to other members of the dissatisfaction .

Third Implementation Strategies Marketing project teaching

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