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摘要:英国临床医学专业assignment:Diabetic Diet:目的是提供一个从住宅,谁需要减肥,老年糖尿病的女士,用一个合适的饮食......

英国临床医学专业assignment:Diabetic Diet


The aim of this experiment is to provide, an elderly diabetic lady from a residential home who needs to lose weight, with a suitable diet that will provide her with 180g of carbohydrates per day, as she is not insulin dependent her diet needs to be carefully planned in order to maintain glucose levels in the blood. Weight loss is important for the lady as being obese can increase glucose levels and will lead to severe problems, general exercise can benefit as it aids weight loss and can help keep blood glucose low, the high carbohydrates in her diet are important for maintaining energy levels, about 50-55% of energy should be from carbohydrates, these complex carbohydrates promote slow steady rise and falls in blood sugar levels. Fat intake is restricted to control bodyweight and this will reduce further risk of heart disease, strokes and blood vessel disorder, only 30-35% of energy should come from fats and no more than 10% from saturated fats.

For our experiments we produced a starter (leak and potato soup), main (pork meatball spaghetti), desert (tiramisu) and snack (choc chip shortbread), these were simple to cook apart from the shortbread as the mixture does not include any eggs etc. so is not the same as a normal shortbread mixture, this ended up being a dry crumble mixture in the baking tray but after cooking it did turn out ok and held together. During the experiment, once the food had been produced we used a likert-type test result scale to access what people thought of the taste and appearance. The scale ranges from dislike extremely (1) – (7) extremely like. The leek and potato soup was a great success with all six people rating a scale of 6 (like a lot) for taste and 4 people on a scale of 6 for appearance but also 2 liked extremely (7).  The pork spaghetti scored the exact same taste and appearance results. As I mentioned the shortbread was not like a normal mixture so the score for appearance reflected this, even though it cooked fine it still looked crumbly and not as you would expect, so on the scale it resulted in 3 people neither liked or disliked (4) 2 people liked a little (5) and one person liked extremely (7) even so the taste ratings were 2 liked a little (5) and 4 liked a lot (6) which proved it still tasted nice despite appearance.  The worst rated was the tiramisu this scored a taste of dislike extremely (1) and dislike a lot (2) the reason it was described as ‘sour’ however the appearance scored high as it did look nice, this was 3 people like a lot (6) and 3 people extremely like (7).

Netwisp results

Ideally for this lady she needs 180g of carbohydrates for energy and a low calorie count for weight loss. According to the nutritional information supplied for each serving of each dish, from the diabetics website,  [Accessed 3/01/11] the total calories should be 906, the total protein is 49g, carbohydrates total 130g, and fat is 25g, however according to my netwisp results which is a single portion for the lady, the total calories are doubled at 2044, protein 74.2g, carbohydrates 142.5g, fat 133.9g. The accuracy of these results can be questioned however as many ingredients were not present on netwisp so could have significantly altered the results for example;
• The cream cheese in the tiramisu and leek and potato we used extra light cream cheese, but in the netwisp there was only the option for the full fat.
• For the tiramisu there was no marsala on netwisp, so I substituted with port which is quite similar and there were no sponge fingers so I had to put through sponge pudding
• Caster sugar was not present in netwisp for the shortbread so I had to put it through as normal sugar
• In the pork meatballs the sauce was made from creamed tomatoes but netwisp only had canned
All these will definitely have an effect on my result of fat and sugar etc. but I don’t know as to what extent.
These results would have been best with the 142.5g carbohydrates to give the lady her main sauce of energy. She needs Low protein unless she exercises as this can turn to fat and low sugar to keep her blood sugar levels down.  Given we used things like extra low fat cream cheese the result of fat could have been a lot lower and therefore better for her as it would have helped with her weight loss and high fat for a diabetics can cause many problems discussed earlier.  Other nutrients that would be of benefits to this old lady would be high Calcium, from the netwisp it is showing the daily intake as only 465mg 66% of the recommended 700mg needed daily, and vitamin D, at 23% these need increasing, as they  help strengthen bones. The netwisp shows a low cholesterol of 155mg, good for keeping a low blood pressure, and this is half the daily 300mg recommended. Vitamin c could also have its benefits as it would help her immune system with fighting off the flu and keep her in good health.

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