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摘要:瑞士恺撒里兹酒店管理学院留学生作业模板:The global trend of fast food......

瑞士恺撒里兹酒店管理学院留学生作业模板:The global trend of fast food



Economic globalization is a mutual integration process which can be described as follows: it is the market economy based on advanced technology and productivity, led by the developed countries in order to maximize profits and economic benefits through the division of labor, trade and investment, reaching the final target of the market division and cooperation in harmony. The fast food industry is the star industry in the development of people's living standards, and it is also necessary for economic development of supporting industries. Therefore, as an important branch of industry in economic development, the fast-food industry must extend its market all over the world accompanied by the trend of globalization. This essay will firstly introduce the basic status of the global trend of fast food. Following this, it will analysis the advantage of the fast food in the trend of globalization. Then, it will reflection on the global trend of fast food from three aspects. Finally, it will put forward some relevant measures under the background of the globalization in fast food from three aspects, too.




Basic status of the global trend of fast food

Fast Food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly and it is a gastronomy phenomenon which has specific content and form in the process of modernization. The content is that the varieties of food are simple but relatively nutrient-rich enough to meet the normal needs of life. Fast food products are often characterized by their high content of fat and sugars, high palatability, large portion size and high energy density(Schro¨der, Fı¨to, & Covas, 2007, p.1274), and its form is dining environment and simple procedures. The so-called Fast Food is relatively speaking to home cooked meal and feast. Fast food and the Fast food industry developed rapidly from the 1970s in the West until 1994. The global fast-food industry output had overfed 90 billion dollars, and the amount of fast food varieties had already been more than 12000.The number of fast food outlets and sales increased dramatically during the past 30 years in North America and, to a lesser degree, also in Europe(Schro¨der, Fı¨to, & Covas, 2007, p.1274). For example, KFC began to get into the Chinese catering market in 1987, and after 15years it achieved a great success in the world's largest consumer market China. Some Chinese food shops had been forced to close down due to compete with Western fast food. So the problem how to take some effective responses to the expansion of fast food industry is placed in front of each country at the trend of economic globalization. 



Besides, with the accelerating pace of urban life and the increasing income level of residents, demand for fast food is increasing too and the cheaper and efficient fast food shops are bound to be welcomed by people. Moreover, in the modern society, the growing number of social activities has requested by modern people especially the young group. As a consequence, the efficient and the affordable channel are urgent needed not only for the place to eat but also place to communicate with each other. Thus, the fast food industry meets the needs of people and gets a rapid development at the same time.




Analysis the advantage of the fast food in the trend of globalization

The first is the creative chain mode. The most of Western fast food companies choose the chain mode as their operation mode. The chain mode is an operation and management model which is according to certain coupling link and certain rules and link to integrate the many isolated and decentralized business units into a whole. The world famous fast food companies have a very good business philosophy and professional operation mode about fast food shops management. For instance, the standardized manual species of KFC are more than 100, and the standardized manual is involved in many aspects such as shop location, raw materials purchasing, processing, and products trade-marking and so on. And the stores around the world share only one enterprise criterion. Coincidentally, McDonald's also has its own standardized criterion to guide the conduct from materials supplying to finished product promotions. Because of the global standardization, KFC and McDonald's can be recognized at first glance wherever in the world. All in all, chain mode is a powerful driving force of the development of Western fast food. In addition, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) also makes the multinational corporations profit a lot. FDI is a key mechanism shaping the market for highly processed foods in developing countries. FDI makes more processed foods more available to more people. It enables lower prices and opens up new purchasing channels(Hawkes,2005, p.361). The second is the advanced marketing strategy. The organization’s survival depends on the environment and the capability of the organization to adapt to the environment. So, Determining the strategy in a complex and changing environment is critical to how the organization responds to the contingencies (Sussan, 2009, p.230). Faced with the fierce competition in the fast food industry, Western companies perform well in marketing by virtue of its many years of experience and in-depth study of consumer psychology. Western fast food enterprises through the survey found that with modern standards improve people's emotional communication tends to dilute, the life is stress of life and the work fatigue make people more eager to warm family atmosphere. So the powerful promotion advertisement often shows emotion outpouring. Moreover, a variety of incentives and gift is an endless stream.



The third is the sensible production and service concept. What is fast food? The fast food is the modernization of cooking, combined with modern science, technology and management philosophy. In short, modernization and industrialization are the standards of fast food industry. From this point of view, the Western fast food has the undoubtedly advantage. Although many countries’ traditional food is delicious and distinctive, they are still in the danger of being eliminated. This is because they are too far from the criterion of modernization and industrialization to be expanded. In terms of service, Western culture highlights individualism which gives great attention to personal. At the same time, the multinational fast food industry realized that culture and international marketing of food services are strategically intertwined.(Oyewole, 2013, p.76). So, the fast food stores and the companies in the Western take full advantage of this to give their customers more thoughtful, more convenient and more personalized service. 



Reflection on the global trend of fast food

The first is the influence on people's food structure and diet culture. Fast food is gaining popularity among younger generations and is widely spreading over both traditional and non-traditional food outlets (Satia, Galanko, & Siega-Riz, 2004, p.1089). In developing countries, eating fast food has become an excellent and fashionable choice in holiday for consumers, especially for young people. Originally, in foreign country, the reason why fast food becomes more and more popular is that the fast food has the advantages of cheaper and less time-consuming compared with other foods. However, when KFC entered the markets of developing countries, for the vast majority of consumers, it has become the one of fashion and high-grade due to the higher prices compared with the local food. And in the group of young people, the fast food has the most attraction to them. Their unique age, the crazy love to pursuit boom, and the strong curiosity of the foreign cultural expressed in psychological characteristics have gradually become the driving forces to make them become the most active groups in the consumption of fast-food culture. The rising consumption of energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods high in fats, sugars and salt has become a source of global concern. In a trend known as the ‘nutrition transition’, populations of developing countries are now consuming diets closer to those of developed countries, with more animal products, vegetable oils, sweeteners and processed foods, and fewer whole grains( Hawkes, 2005, p.357).

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