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摘要:Assignment 4 relates to the specific course learning objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 and associatedMBA program learning goals and skills:......

Assignment 4 Written and Practical Report
Assignment 4 relates to the specific course learning objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 and associatedMBA program learning goals and skills: Global Content, Problem solving, Change, Criticalthinking, and Written Communication at level 3.
1. demonstrate applied knowledge of people, markets, finances, technology and managementin global context based on data warehouse design, CRISP data mining process, datavisualisation and performance management (MPO1)
2. Identify and solve complex organisational problems creatively and practically such as thedesign, implementation and practical use of business intelligence systems tools andapplications to increase organisation performance through better alignment of operationalactivities with strategic goals (MPO2)
3. Demonstrate an understanding of change including socio-technical aspects brought aboutby the implementation of business intelligence which drive evidence based decision makingand business performance management in response to globalisation (MPO3)
4. evaluate synthesise and critically review current literature on business intelligence systems(evidence based decision making, data warehousing design, data mining, data visualisation,business performance management, and overarching business intelligence systemsimplementation and utilitisation) to show how these enable evidence based decision makingand sustainable business performance management (MPO4)
6. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in a clear and concise manner inwritten report style for senior management with correct and appropriate acknowledgment ofmain ideas presented and discussed (MPO11)The key frameworks concepts and activities covered in modules 2–12 and more specificallymodules 6 to 12 are particularly relevant for this assignment.

Note: Assignment 4 can be done in a team of two students or as an individualassignment.
This assignment consists of four tasks 1, 2, 3 and 4 and builds on the research and analysisyou conducted in Assignment 2 and presented in the form of a report that addresses thefollowing issues: financial customer segments, customer behaviours, propensity to default ona loan and the key issues associated with the implementation and utilisation of businessintelligence system needed to analyse and make decisions on these variables of interest. Task3 provides you with the opportunity to design and build a performance dashboard using anexcel spread sheet and pivot tables. Task 4 requires you to complete a journal for each teammember or as an individual.

Task 1 (Worth 35 marks)
In Task 1 of this Assignment 4 you are required to follow the six step CRISP DM process andmake use of the data mining tool Rattle to analyse and report on the creditdata.csv data setprovided for Assignment 2. As per Assignment 2 you should also refer to the data dictionaryfor creditdata.csv. You have already covered the two phases of the CRISP DM process,namely business understanding and data preparation/exploration, in Assignment 2 so in Task1 and 2 you are required to consider data preparation, modelling, evaluation and deploymentphases of the CRISP DM process.
You are required to use and cite a suitable number of references of high quality. For example,it is not sufficient for most references to be Internet websites as these can be of questionablequality.  Academic conventions require that you acknowledge any use of ideas from others. Inmost cases this means stating which book or article is the source of the idea or quotation. Youare required to follow the Harvard referencing system for both in-text citations and list ofreferences and to clearly distinguish between your own ideas, other’s ideas adapted to yourown, and ideas taken directly from the literature. You must support your views withappropriate and relevant literature citations.

The report should be an insightful discussion and not just a descriptive treatment of the topic.A major emphasis for the assignment will be on a structured report that clearly outlines thetopic and/or issues to be discussed. It will include a cover page, executive summary, table ofcontents, a report body that uses headings and paragraphs to clearly detail descriptions,explanations or arguments, list of references and list of appendices. Your report shouldspecifically focus on the key issues of reducing mobile phone customer churn and improvingmobile phone customer lifetime value in relation to Business intelligence and specific datamining of a customer churn data set, a balanced scorecard and strategy map to implementand evaluate the above proposed strategy and discussion of design and implementationissues associated with a data warehouse in the context of a mobile phone network serviceprovider. Your report should not be just a simple description of the topics involved.If you are not familiar with the requirements of a formal report format, refer to theCommunication skills handbook. You may also find the OPACS Academic Learning Supporteb-site useful.

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Assignment 4 relates to the specific course learning objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 and associatedMBA program learning goals and skills:......

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