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The brief  This is an INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT in which you are required to write a 2,500 word report.  Requirement Read the following background to .    
NB:  The  background  is  meant  purely  as  an  introduction  to  the  company  and provides little in the way of useful information for answering the questions.    
Merely repeating what is in the case study will gain you no marks.  
Carry out further research into Ryanair by   
Using the internet  
Contacting the company   
Remember to be polite and that your  assignment will not be high  on their list of priorities   You  will not  lose  marks  for  sharing  information  gained  this  way,  but  you may face plagiarism charges if your interpretation of such information is not unique   Looking at trade press (“Marketing”, “Marketing Week”, “Campaign” etc)   Using the airline as a passenger, or talking to people who do   
Reading  marketing  journals  and  text  books  (Ryanair is  a  much-written  about company!)  You can also read ahead in the course’s recommended text book or any other text book you feel is appropriate.     
Questions  Provide a 2,500 word written report to answer the following  You have recently been appointed as Ryanair’s Deputy Head of Marketing.   Your  boss, the Head  of  Marketing, has been  asked  by the Board  of Directors to  devise  a strategy to get the company through the  remainder  of the  recession.  She  does  not want you  to  devise  the  strategy  for  her,  but  she  has  asked  for  your  help  with  the  background research and a few other specific matters.   She needs to attend a meeting on Friday 11 December and she has asked you to prepare a 2,500  word  written  REPORT  (not  an  essay)  to  cover  the  following  areas.    She  has  very generously  given  you  nine  weeks  to  prepare  your  report,  requiring  it  by  3:00;00pm  on Thursday 10 December 2009 – though you may give it to her early (but not even a second late) if you wish.  
Carry out a detailed SWOT analysis for Ryanair  
Provide an environmental analysis for the sector in which the company operates   
Research the pros and cons of targeting either business fliers or the consumer market  and make  justified  recommendations  as  to  which  Ryanair  should  be most actively attacking.    
Ryanair has “reduced fares by 13% on average over the three months period”.  Do  you  feel  the  airline  should  continue  with  this  strategy  or  change  it?   
As above, you are expected to justify your suggestions by using academic journals and marketing textbooks.      
Price cuts to trim Ryanair profit From , 27 July 2009  Budget airline Ryanair has said annual profits will be at the lower end of market expectations as it continues to cut fares to lure cash-strapped fliers.  Shares in the carrier fell by 10% after it warned its cheaper tickets strategy was eating into profits.  Rising  passenger  numbers  and  lower  fuel  bills  helped  it  to  make  a  123m  euros (£106.4m)  net  profit  between  April  and  June,  from  21m  euros  last  year.    It  said  it  had reduced fares by 13% on average over the three months period. And while this helped it to an 11% growth in passenger numbers from the same period a year earlier - revenues fell.  'Good result' The group said annual net profits for the year to 31 March 2010 were now expected to be at the lower end of the 200m euros to 300m euros range which analysts had expected. The carrier repeated warnings  about the impact of  air passenger duty - which will increase from £10 to £11 in the UK for  short-haul  flights from November. A similar tax,  of 10  euros, was  introduced  in  Ireland  in  April,  and  Ryanair  has  predicted  a  20%  fall in  passenger numbers from Irish airports this winter as a result.  "In  a  very  deep  recession  any  airline  making  a  profit  is  a  good  result,"  said  deputy  chief executive Howard Miller. "The industry is going through  a lot  of turmoil and Ryanair will be unique in Europe as the only airline making a profit this year."  Tax cut plea "We again call on the Irish and British governments to follow the more sensible leads of the Belgian, Dutch, Greek and Spanish governments, all of whom have recently scrapped tourist taxes  and  have  reduced  airport  charges,  in  some  cases  to  zero,  in  order  to  stimulate tourism," said Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary.  The  carrier  spent  42%  less  on  fuel - having  decided  not  to  hedge  its  bills  when  oil  prices were high.  Last week it said it was reducing its winter service out of Stansted airport, but it will operate only four fewer planes than it did last winter.  The  firm's  profit  was  136.5m  euros  when  calculated  using  UK  accountancy measures,  but 123m euros under international standards.        
Guidance for marking tutors 
This  is  a  fairly  basic  and  straight  forward  set  of  questions,  looking  for  simple  SWOT,  and PESTEL  analyses  in  the  first  place.   
Good  papers  will  provide  something more  than  just  a list, poorer papers will not.   The section looking at targeting either the business or consumer segments will include some or all of the following theories:  Segmentation theory  Buyer behaviour in both B2B and B2C markets  Approaches to research and suggestions on what research to carry out  Pricing concepts and strategies  When looking at the pricing strategy, it is expected that students will consider such aspects as  price  erosion  and  customer-perceived worth, “99p pricing” (or equivalent), the reasons behind prices charged (tax levels, survival pricing, competitor comparisons, additional extras etc).  Green issues will almost certainly be mentioned.   In  all  cases  (and  for  all  sub-questions)  theory  will  be  fully  referenced,  from  reputable academic  sources  and  applied  to  the  case  in  hand.    Use  of  Wikipedia  is  positively discouraged.      Research the pros and cons of targeting either business fliers or the consumer market  and  make  justified  recommendations  as  to  which  Ryanair  should  be most actively attacking.     Ryanair has “reduced fares by 13% on average over the three months period”.  Do  you  feel  the  airline  should  continue  with  this  strategy  or  change  it?    As above, you are expected to justify your suggestions by using academic journals and marketing textbooks.     

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