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摘要:三星Galaxy S4用户手册The User Manual of Samsung Galaxy S4 这是一篇对三星S4手机用户使用手册的解读。This is an essay to the understanding of the samsung S4 mobile phone user manual In this assignment, the user manual of Samsungs......

三星Galaxy S4用户手册 The User Manual of Samsung Galaxy S4

这是一篇对三星S4手机用户使用手册的解读。This is an essay to the understanding of the samsung S4 mobile phone user manual

In this assignment, the user manual of Samsung’s new generation smart cellphone, Galaxy S4, is evaluated to judge whether this manual was written for professional or ordinary audiences. After carefully review, its section division, format and language all show that the intended audiences of this manual are general-use readers. The manual wants to convey both the basic and advanced functions in a concise and simple way to even new users of cellphones. The sections of this manual clearly divided the functions of a smart cellphone into 10 parts. A great number of pictures are inserted into all parts of the manual to help ordinary people understand the operation methods of each function. What’s more, the sentences and words selected all over the manual are in common use. All of these characteristics will be described below.

Open this manual, the table of contents and section division give people a feeling of fresh. There are no copious description at the beginning of the manual. “Getting Started”, “Entering Text” and all other titles like these convince a new user that she/he will easily manipulate this high-tech device just do as the manual shows. Every section describes one basic operation of Galaxy S5 such as calling, messages or multimedia. If a user have not experience about an Android cellphone device, he can begin reading from “Getting Started”. If a user has known the basic operations of common smartphones very well, he could pick his unfamiliar section such as “Connections” to read. Thus, users can easily choose their interested parts to read without keep wandering in other unrelated contents.

在本次作业中,我们将对三星新一代智能手机Galaxy S4的用户手册进行评估,以判断该手册是为专业用户编写的还是为普通用户编写的。经过仔细审查,本手册的章节划分、格式和语言均表明,本手册的目标读者为通用型读者。该手册希望以简洁、简单的方式向新用户传达基本功能和高级功能。本手册各章节将智能手机的功能明确划分为10个部分。手册的各个部分都插入了大量的图片,帮助普通人了解各个功能的操作方法。更重要的是,手册中挑选的所有句子和单词都是常用的。下面将介绍所有这些特征。
打开本手册,目录和分区给人一种新鲜的感觉。手册的开头没有详尽的描述。“入门”、“输入文本”和其他类似的标题会让新用户相信,只要按照手册的说明操作,就可以轻松地操作这个高科技设备。每一部分都描述了Galaxy S5的一项基本操作,如呼叫、短信、多媒体等。如果用户没有使用过Android手机,他可以从“入门”开始阅读。如果用户非常了解普通智能手机的基本操作,他可以选择他不熟悉的部分来阅读,比如“连接”。因此,用户可以很容易地选择自己感兴趣的部分来阅读,而不必在其他不相关的内容中徘徊。

The second obvious feature of this manual is its large scale adoption of illustrations. By lengthy words, a new user may unable to understand a simply operation of a device, such as how to remove the battery cover. However, only one illustration is enough to explain this process clearly. The user can see a 3D picture of his device in the manual with simple words such as “Release Latch” beside. He only need to put his own device in front of manual and act as the illustration shows. Most people will admit that the pictures are easier to understand than dense words crowded in one page. Therefore, the numerous illustrations also reveal that this manual was written for general-use readers.

At last, primary words and sentences used all over the manual shows that it is understandable to even children or the elders. For example, no compound sentences or subordinate clauses can be found in this manual except in the “Warranty Information” section, the unnecessary reading part. Besides, the manual prefer to choose simple words such as touch, tap and press. You can hardly find professional descriptions such as the principles of multi-core CPU in the center of this cellphone. What the reader see are all how the product is user-friendly.
最后,手册中使用的主要单词和句子表明,即使是孩子和老人也能理解。例如,本手册中除了“保修信息”这一不必要的阅读部分外,没有并列句和从句。此外,手册更倾向于选择简单的单词,如touch, tap, press。你很难在这款手机的中央找到专业的描述,比如多核CPU的原理。读者所看到的都是产品的用户友好性。

To sum up, we can conclude that this manual was written for non-technical audiences and the purpose of the manual is to guide users to master all the new and old functions of Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone. The clearly divided sections, the large numbers of illustrations and easy understanding language all lead to the final conclusion.

综上所述,我们可以得出结论,本手册是为非技术受众编写的,其目的是引导用户掌握三星Galaxy 4智能手机的所有新旧功能。划分清晰的章节,大量的插图,易懂的语言,都是最后的结论。




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