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摘要:黄色战争 红十字会Red Cross of the Yellow War This article mainly expounds the establishment of the Red Cross and the significance, the author want to through the way to learn more about the history of the Red Cross and influence, also found in......

黄色战争 红十字会 Red Cross of the Yellow War

This article mainly expounds the establishment of the Red Cross and the significance, the author want to through the way to learn more about the history of the Red Cross and influence, also found in blood donation activities also are at risk of disease transmission and put forward Suggestions, also hope to join can help by the Red Cross promote the spirit of heal the wounded and rescue the dying, to help more people in need of help.


The Red Cross has been active since World War II and has made their presence known by volunteering their time and helping to save the lives of those injured in war and other disasters of the world. Just recently the Red Cross initiated a country wide blood drive to help the injured of the September 11 terrorist attacks. It is this reason that I have chosen to research the Red Cross and get to know a bit more about them. I will be reporting quickly on their history; how they began and what sparked this organization; and I would also like to research some of the problems that the Red Cross has faced over their brief history (including any protests, or movements to remove the Red Cross or to blame the Red Cross for any problems).

 By researching the origin of the Red Cross and analyzing some of the problems faced by the organization, I hope to be able to persuade you to donate your time or blood whenever possible. The Red Cross has always needed blood donors of all types, and in the beginning of their blood drives they faced quite a few problems. Blood donors who were sick, recently pierced, or tattooed were the majority of the donors that brought in contaminated blood. In a few instances, before there was screening of blood donors, diseases were spread through blood transfusions.

自从第二次世界大战以来,红十字会一直很活跃,通过志愿服务和帮助拯救那些在战争和世界其他灾难中受伤的人的生命,他们的存在被人们所知。就在最近,红十字会发起了一项全国性的献血运动,以帮助在9 / 11恐怖袭击中受伤的人。正因为如此,我选择研究红十字会,并对他们有更多的了解。我将快速地报道他们的历史;他们是如何创立这个组织的,又是什么激发了这个组织的发展;我也想研究一下红十字会在其短暂的历史中所面临的一些问题(包括任何抗议或运动,以消除红十字会或将任何问题归咎于红十字会)。

By analyzing the civil cases against the Red Cross I can hope to persuade you to believe that by donating blood you will not get HIV, hepatitis, or any other blood born diseases; therefore it is safe to donate. I believe that once we understand the mission of the Red Cross we will all be more apt to donate blood and/or time. The donating of blood and time is extremely important year round. It is only during disasters that we feel compelled to donate, however, I hope to persuade you all to donate your blood and/or time whenever you possibly can. If I can achieve this goal I am certain that when the disasters do occur, there will not be such a dyer urge for blood and volunteers. If you’ve ever been hurt badly or known somebody who has needed blood to stay alive, then you’ve been helped by the Red Cross. They are volunteers and they will never demand that you pay them for any service they provide to you. If your family ever needs a place to live temporarily, then the Red Cross can help. The Red Cross facilitates homeless shelters all around the world to help those who need a place to stay. For those starving the Red Cross provides food and assistance.

Wherever you go you will see the positive effects of the Red Cross. I have researched only a little bit about the Red Cross. I used the schools library database to find articles and web sites about the Red Cross. I chose to use this database because I am sure that the libraries sources are scholarly and legitimate. I have been pretty successful in finding my information on the Red Cross. I found an interesting article in the “New York Times”, which I have not read yet, but I have scanned. I found another newspaper article from the Houston Chronicle that concerns one of the problems that the Red Cross has faced. My final source is the official Red Cross website. On this site I have found a history of the organization and a mission statement that is very informational. Again, at this point I have only quickly scanned these sources. Over the next couple days I will be researching deeply into these articles and web sites in order to write my research essay. All of the resources are fairly recent, withing the past 5 years. My next step is to dig deeper into these sources and report on them in my final essay. I would like to interview either a volunteer of the Red Cross or somebody who is directly related with the Red Cross. My roommate is an EMT in the State of New York and has worked with the Red Cross as an EMT and as a lifeguard. The Red Cross is the one who tests individuals for their life-guarding licenses. I would like to know how the Red Cross has helped him and how he has helped the Red Cross.


At the end of my research I hope to know enough about the Red Cross to present a convincing argument as to persuade you all to donate time and blood to the Red Cross. This research will help me grow as a student as I will acquire skills necessary to conduct a proper research essay. I will grow as an individual as I will be volunteering time and blood whenever possible.


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