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摘要:军事战争分析报告范文三篇 Military war analysis report fan Wen three 中途岛战役 Battle Of Midway The article return to the Battle of Midway by Thomas B. Allen is a summary of the battle. While Allen tells of the events, he also tells......

军事战争分析报告范文三篇  Military war analysis report fan Wen three


中途岛战役 Battle Of Midway 

The article return to the Battle of Midway by Thomas B. Allen is a summary of the battle. While Allen tells of the events, he also tells of the stories behind the events. It is interesting to note that the stories came from both sides of the war. Allen found himself on Ballard’s ship, Ballard was the man that found the Titanic, and the people that he interviewed were actually shipmates. They were looking for the Yorktown, a ship that had been sunk by the Japanese. Taisuke Maruyama was in charge of the airplane that bombed the Yorktown. He recalls how he didn’t want to die before dropping the torpedo. The other three survivors on Ballard’s ship aside from Surgi were Harry Ferrier, Yuji Akamatsu, and Haruo Yoshino. They had all been in the air during the battle. They attacked the Arizona and the Oklahoma respectively.
 Two months later they were on their way to attack the naval base at the Island of Midway. The Japanese were getting ready to lead a major offensive, spearheaded by four aircraft carriers supported by eleven destroyers, two battleships and three cruisers. As the Japanese sailed toward Midway, they believed that they would be able to surprise the Americans, but in fact, the Americans were ready with the Hornet, the Yorktown, and the Enterprise. Thanks to the American cryptanalysts, the Navy was not taken by surprise. These code breakers sent messages that they knew the Japanese could decipher. American carriers met at point Luck and got ready for battle.
Thomas B. Allen的文章《回到中途岛战役》是对这场战役的总结。在艾伦讲述这些事件的同时,他也讲述了事件背后的故事。有趣的是,这些故事来自战争双方。艾伦发现自己在巴拉德的船上,巴拉德是发现泰坦尼克号的人,他采访的人实际上是船友。他们正在寻找被日本人击沉的“约克镇号”。Taisuke Maruyama负责轰炸约克镇的飞机。他回忆说,在投下鱼雷之前,他不想死。除Surgi外,巴拉德船上的其他三名幸存者是Harry Ferrier、Yuji Akamatsu和Haruo Yoshino。他们在战斗中都在空中。他们分别攻击亚利桑那号和俄克拉荷马号。
The Americans were outnumbered and hoped to find the Japanese first for the upper hand. They found them, and just like American intelligence had expected, the Japanese attacked Dutch Harbor followed by the attack on Midway. Because of this Japanese planes found themselves within a swarm of heavy antiaircraft fire. Even so, the Japanese zeros killed most of the American fighters. American ships were sent to attack Japanese ships, with very disappointing results. The Japanese were ready for the second phase, but could not proceed because of very strong American opposition. Both sides continued to fight, the U.S. came strong, but none of the Devastators hit an enemy ship.
These Devastators kept the Japanese busy while the dive-bombers got into position. These dive-bombers did most of the damage; in about six minutes they hit three carriers and set them on fire. The ships were so badly damaged; the Japanese had to abandon them. Later on, the Americans lost the Yorktown and the Hamman, which had to be towed.
Then, a Japanese submarine escaped detection and managed to sink both ships. The Americans then sunk another carrier, which was the turning point in a war that lasted for three more years, the important thing being that Japan would never again launch an offensive.

Battle Of Saipan  塞班战役

Dawn came too early for the Japanese soldiers on the island of Saipan on June 15, 1944. Little did they know that within a few short hours, they would be in one of the most important battles of World War II with America. This battle lasted for nearly a month and produced tens of thousands of both civilian and military deaths. The Battle of Saipan, as it is called, was a turning point for American, and all Allied, forces during World War II. The capture of the island of Saipan, south of Japan and one of the Marianas Islands, was deemed important to the United States (US) for several reasons. Its location, in perspective to Japan, would provide more than sufficient locations for airstrips for the Army Air Corps newest invention, the B-29 bomber, and a center of command for the Navy’s Pacific Fleet. It was also believed to be a communications center for all of the Inner South Seas Empire of Japan. However, the most important reason being the US felt that a strike to one of the central bases would a crippling move to the Empire of Japan.
Under the command of Vice Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner, the Marines were sent to overtake the island of Japan in Operation Forager. The first wave of soldiers hit at 8:40 A.M., local time. The Marine Corps 4th Division was charged with attacking the beachhead; however, they were not alone. Navy and Army airplanes provided air support along with heavy artillery fire from battleships off of the island. They were faced with a well fortified beachhead. Japanese artillery bombarded US soldiers and landing craft with pinpoint accuracy. The US forces were heading up a steep grade into Japanese machine gun fire. Over 2,000 soldiers lost their life landing on the beach (Breaching). On the night of the 15th the Japanese mounted a large counter attack; however, the Marines remained in control of Charan Kanoa beach. The Americans aimed on pushing all the way to the Phillipine Sea on the other end of the island. The Japanese did their best to hold back their positions. They had thousands suicide troops who would attack on command. Shortly before the command for one final suicide run took place for his troops, General Y. Saito, as is tradition, had one last meal with his friends and killed himself. The island was officially declared secure on July 9th, 1944, but it would take months to completely remove all of the Japanese forces hiding in shadow (World). The Marines in charge of clearing the countryside were in deeper than they knew.
Prior to the US invasions, the Japanese governments told the citizens of Saipan that if the US were to take the island, the women would get raped and kill their children. The simple citizens knew no better and believed what their leaders had said. Naturally, when the people saw US troops coming over the hill, they panicked. Over 5,000 civilians chose to commit suicide by jumping off of a cliff or holding a grenade. David Casteel, a veteran Marine from the Battle of Saipan, commented about this incredible sight, “You just didn’t let yourself go. A lot of young fellas let themselves go and they ended up in Section 8…the sanitarium.
This war was costly to both armies. The Japanese lost over 29,000 troops, and the US lost over 3,000 troops. The victory over Saipan was incredible and a real turning point in World War II. The first landing strip on that side of the Pacific was at Isley Field in Saipan. Through accurate artillery, a strong military, and a wise command, the US won the Battle of Saipan and used it as a stepping stone to combat Japan.
Bibliography: Breaching the Marianas: The Battle for Saipan. Maxwell Air Force Base Resource. 12 Nov. 2002. David Casteel. Personal interview. 31 Oct. 2002. World War II: Events and Results. The History Channel. 7 Nov. 2002.

Why Did The US Enter WWI 美国为什么要加入一战

 World War I was a military conflict from 1914 to 1918. It began as a local European war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia on July 28, 1914. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 sparked the war. Senator George Norris of Nebraska felt that the United States remain neutral. In his speech, he stated that war only brought [prosperity to the stock gambler on Wallstreet.] It was not until three years after the assassination, that the United States declared war in April 16, 1917. The United States entered World War I with the Allies due to economic, social, and political conflicts. Economically, the United States entered the war by the increase of exports to Great Britain and France. Trade quadrupled from 1914 to 1917.
According to statistics, from 1914 to 1917, exports to Great Britain rose by about $1.5 billion dollars. Exports to France rose by about $500 million dollars. In 1914, Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryan, wrote a message to President Wilson saying that giving loans to the Allies would make the United States [all more difficult to maintain neutrality.] Despite Bryan’s message, by 1917 American banks loaned $2.3 billion dollars to the Allies and only $27 million to the Central Powers.
第一次世界大战是1914年至1918年的军事冲突。它开始于1914年7月28日奥匈帝国和塞尔维亚之间的欧洲局部战争。1914年6月28日,弗朗茨·斐迪南大公被暗杀,引发了这场战争。内布拉斯加州参议员乔治·诺里斯(George Norris)认为美国保持中立。在他的演讲中,他说战争只给华尔街的股票赌徒们带来了繁荣。直到刺杀事件三年后,美国才在1917年4月16日宣战。由于经济、社会和政治上的冲突,美国加入了第一次世界大战。经济上,美国加入战争是由于对英国和法国出口的增加。贸易从1914年到1917年翻了两番。
据统计,从1914年到1917年,对英国的出口增长了大约15亿美元。对法国的出口增长了大约5亿美元。1914年,美国国务卿威廉·詹宁斯·布莱恩(William Jennings Bryan)给威尔逊总统写信说,向盟国提供贷款将使美国更难保持中立。到1917年,美国银行向协约国提供了23亿美元的贷款,而向同盟国提供的贷款只有2700万美元。
Politically, the United States “entered the war because of unrestricted submarine warfare from Germany that affected exports to Britain. In January 1917, President Wilson stated in his war message to Congress that [German submarine warfare against commerce is warfare against mankind.] On May 17, 1915, an Unterseaboat [German for submarine] sank the Lusitania, a British liner, killing 1,198 people, including 128 Americans. Two months later another U-boat sank another British liner, the Arabic, drowning two Americans. After these two liners sank, Germany agreed not to sink any more.
In March 1916, Germany broke its promise and torpedoed the Sussex (not sinking), a French passenger steamer killing 80 passengers, including Americans. Socially, the United States entered the war in response to the intercepted Zimmerman Note sent from Germany to Mexico in January 1917. The Zimmerman Note was the spark that ignited the fire that burned America’s neutrality. The telegram was an indirect invitation to Mexico to [reconquer lost territory in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.] Americans also felt connected to England because of common ancestry, language and literature, and similar legal systems.
There were allegations of industrial sabotage, poisoning water supplies, kidnapping individuals, and engaging in espionage within American labor unions by Germans to keep the United States busy on the home front. The rumors/propaganda, along with extensive submarine warfare, added to the distrust of the Germans. The United States entered World War I due to economic, political, and social contributes. Exports and loans to the Allies grew dramatically. The unrestricted submarine warfare enraged the United States and affected its economy. The Zimmerman Note, the feeling of being a cultural brother to Great Britain, and rumors triggered entrance to the war. These conflicts made American neutrality virtually impossible.

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