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摘要:谁刺杀了肯尼迪范文 Who killed Kennedy Who Shot JFK. This paper focuses on the question of who killed Kennedy. This discussion has been going on for a long time and there is no answer. From the perspective of geographical location, bullet and......

谁刺杀了肯尼迪范文  Who killed Kennedy
"Who Shot JFK." This paper focuses on the question of who killed Kennedy. This discussion has been going on for a long time and there is no answer. From the perspective of geographical location, bullet and other descriptions, the author gradually deduced who was the murderer.
" Who Shot JFK "。本篇论文主要讲述一个问题,谁刺杀了肯尼迪。关于这个讨论,已经很长时间而且并没有答案。作者从地理位置角度,子弹等描述分析,逐步推论出谁才是凶手。
That question, Who shot JFK', has been debated for the last 35 years. Some say a vast conspiracy, working out of the shadows, in conjuction with the CIA, FBI and the Vice-President was responsible. To others it was Cubans, angry that attempts had been made to assassinate their leader, Fidel Castro. Or maybe Soviets had done it in response to Kennedy's actions during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Then there's the Mafia. The Kennedys' trying to shut down organized crime made the perfect motive. Lastly, we have one Lee Harvey Oswald. And when the evidence is examined, the only logical conclusion is that he shot Kennedy, and he acted alone. Evidence. Without it there is no case.
Before suspects can be gathered, before blame can be placed, evidence must be gathered. Then each set of evidence must be looked at, and conclusions be drawn. When all the evidence has been examined, and all the conclusions made, then the what happened can be seen. The evidence against Oswald is bountiful. First there is the fact the Oswald was stationed on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository that day (was it luck that gave him this fortuitous position' Or did he have to get it himself'). Oswald's prints litter an area near the window where boxes were stacked to hide someone from view. In the same area lay three expended cartridges. Between two boxes in another area lay the rifle that fired the three shots.
As for the rifle itself, handwriting experts have shown that the handwriting on the order form for the rifle was Oswald's. And in the infamous Time picture of Oswald, there are distinguishing marks on the rifle in his hand that match the rifle found. Oswald's palmprint was on the rifle. After the shooting he was the only employee to flee the scene. He then killed Officer Tippit, as shown by the fact that he had the revolver on him when he was captured. So the conclusion must be made that Oswald fired three shots from the window of the sixth floor. Watching the Zapruder footage, one sees Kennedy after he was shot the first time, before the head shot. Kennedy's head is forward in response to the first shot, and Texas governor John Connelly is slightly turned, and is in the slightly sunken jump seat.
When looked at this way, the Warren Commision’s "magic bullet" has a perfect shot to go straight through Kennedy and Connelly. As for the "pristine bullet" it was flattened, as if it had been impacted on the side. The entrance wound on Connelly was 7.62 millimeters long, the same length as the bullets fired from Oswald's rifle. If the bullet tumbled, as full metal jacket bullets do, then it would pass through Kennedy, tumble, and hit Connelly sideways. This would flatten it. It would also greatly slow it down, explaining the lack of further signifigant damage to it. There was more slight damage to the bullet. Fragmants found in Kennedy were examined and matched to the "pristine bullet". The direction of Kennedy's head movement indicates a shot from behind. When objects are shot by a bullet, they tend to move backwards as often as forward.
谁枪杀了肯尼迪?这个问题已经争论了35年。有人说,这是一个巨大的阴谋,暗中策划,由中央情报局、联邦调查局和副总统负责。对另一些人来说,是古巴人,他们对企图暗杀他们的领导人菲德尔·卡斯特罗(Fidel Castro)感到愤怒。或者苏联这样做是为了回应肯尼迪在古巴导弹危机中的行为。然后是黑手党。肯尼迪试图关闭有组织犯罪的动机是完美的。最后一位是李·哈维·奥斯瓦尔德。当证据被检验后,唯一合乎逻辑的结论是他枪杀了肯尼迪,而且是单独行动。证据。没有它,就没有案例。
至于步枪本身,笔迹专家已经证明,步枪订单上的笔迹是奥斯瓦尔德的。在奥斯瓦尔德那张臭名昭著的时代周刊的照片中,他手中的步枪上有与被发现的步枪相匹配的识别标记。步枪上有奥斯瓦尔德的掌纹。枪击事件发生后,他是唯一逃离现场的员工。然后,他杀死了Tippit警官,这可以从他被捕时随身携带的左轮手枪看出。所以结论是奥斯瓦尔德从六楼的窗户开了三枪。观看泽普鲁德的录像,你会看到肯尼迪第一次被枪击后,头部被枪击前。面对第一枪,肯尼迪的头朝前,德克萨斯州州长约翰·康纳利(John Connelly)的头微微转了一下,坐在略微下沉的弹跳椅上。
In fact, of nineteen forensic pathologists who have examined the case, only one says that Kennedy's head movements mean a frontal shot. Conclusion: The shots that hit Kennedy came from behind, and the second shot hit both Kennedy and Connelly. Looking at Oswald's life the much ballyhooed motive appears. From his early life Oswald needed attention. He wanted to be in the spotlight. He tried to become a spy, but was rejected. This is probably where the KGB and/or CIA connection rumors probably originated. Oswald had serious problems. He once tried to kill an Army general in his home, but his first shot went wild, just like when he shot at Kennedy. He didn't have the guts to shot at the general a second time. He also frequently beat his Russian wife, Marina. Conclusion: Oswald was a delusional psychotic, who believed that his trial for the assassination of the President of the United States would be his stage, and the world his audience. Once all the conclusions are added up, we see a man, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was utterly capable of murder, firing three shots from the School Book Depository. We see a president, hit from behind. From this the final conclusion is drawn; that Oswald shot Kennedy, and acted alone. Since the evidence points to Oswald, why do so many Americans today believe it was a conspiracy' Possibly because we today are raised believing the president to be invulnerable. The mythos of a Secret Service who can and does stop everything from touching the boss. It helps that we rarely have had even an attempt on our president. So it seems unlikely that on man, acting alone, could end the life of the president. It is much easier to swallow that it took many people, and vast cover-ups.
So theories are thought up, but all become no more than fodder for the truth. A major argument against the lone assassin theory is eyewitness testimony of the sound of gunfire, and smoke from the grassy knoll across from Elm Street. This could indicate a second gunman, except that no modern gun creates a visible puff of smoke, especially on a windy day, like November 22, 1963 was. So maybe Redcoats with muskets killed Kennedy' As for the sound, it was probably echoes. Originally it was thought that Oswald had only 5.6 seconds to fire three shot with a bolt action rifle that took 2.3 seconds to cycle. This was cause for concern among many doubters. Since the rifle had to be cycled twice, Oswald would have had only 1 second for aiming to distribute amongst two shots. This would cause trouble, but for the fact that new tests have determined that the time was 8.4 seconds. Ample time for three shots. Especially when your shooter was a marine sharpshooter. That means he could consistantly hit a target at 200 yards, without a scope. Kennedy was only 83 yards away, and Oswald had a scope.
In 1979, after three years of study, The House Select Commitee on Assassinations released their findings on the killing of Kennedy. The main difference between the report and the Warren Commision's was that they said Oswald did it, but a second gunman, who missed, was on the grassy knoll. They based this on acoustical "footprints" of a gunshot from the grassy knoll. This is supposedly as unique as a fingerprint. But they didn't notice that their recording was a minute and a half after the shootings. We really couldn't expect much more from a group of people who cowered and ducked when an umbrella was open in their midst. The four major assassination theories, the CIA, the Cubans, the Mafia, and the KGB, are perhaps the easiest of all to dispell. There is absolutely no proof of any of them. They are completely speculation. Nothing more than a motive. It could be said that probably half the people that Kennedy met had a motive to kill him. There are also thousands, if not millions, of everyday American citizens who for one reason or another would like to forcibly remove the president from office.
A motive is nice, but is certainly not evidence. We have a really good idea why Oswald killed Kennedy, that he did for infamy and the perfect opportunity to share his views with the world. Unfortunately we could be wrong, since we can't ask Oswald. But motive not withstanding, Oswald obviously did it. Anything else is useless speculation at best. Or maybe all the conspiracy theories are all pro-Oswald conspiracies, trying to clear his name. Hmmm...-M
动机是好的,但肯定不是证据。我们很清楚奥斯瓦尔德为什么要杀害肯尼迪,他的行为是可耻的,也是向世界分享他观点的绝佳机会。不幸的是,我们可能错了,因为我们不能问奥斯瓦尔德。但动机不成立,显然是奥斯瓦德干的。除此之外的一切都是无用的猜测。或者所有的阴谋论都是支持奥斯瓦尔德的阴谋,试图洗脱他的罪名。嗯…- m




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