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摘要:argument essay怎么写?按照essay的写作结构,学术essay大致可以分为四种类别:expository essays, descriptive essays, narrative......

Argument essay怎么写?按照essay的写作结构,学术essay大致可以分为四种类别:expository essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays和argument /argumentative essays。对于很多同学来说,最常见的就是argumentative essay了。Argument essay, 即论证型学术论文,是通过一定的方法,对基础性科学假说的描述,检验,展示结果与讨论。今天,让我们通过分析一篇商科类argument essay范文来了解argument essay写作技巧,为你写argument essay助力。

argument essay怎么写

一、Argument essay 优秀范文
以一篇题为Use of Advertising (aida) on The Global Market (节选)为例。

Use of advertising, is to advertise a product or promotion to seek attention, to sell a product and promote it. The key to advertising is to use AIDA, which is awareness – to create awareness let the target market know there is a new product. Letting the public aware there Is a new product being advertised will draw attention to the product. This will also create interest. Interest – advertising a product and giving awareness must create interest so that the target audience are interested in the product. Desire – making the product desirable. makes the target market interested in buying the product, and will they follow onto action. Action- the buyer must be interested enough in buying the product. Giving the buyer motivation in buying the product is all down to AIDA.
该篇是短篇argument essay,对字数有极高限制。因此,在introduction的第一段的第一句,并没先从大背景开始描述,循序渐进至主题。而是在第一句开始,就对本篇主题‘use of advising’下定义:什么是use of advising, 它的目的和作用是什么?此外,作者限定了use of advising的范围:AIDA的广告方式并对其下定义:to create awareness let the target market know there is a new product (创造知名度让目标市场知道有新产品)。之后,说明AIDA广告方式的优势:create interest (创造目标群体对该产品的兴趣)。此外,说明 create interest的作用与价值:为什么要激发目标群体的兴趣?整段遵从着:是什么?(what)为什么?(why)如何做?(how)的逻辑顺序,体现了argument essay行文特征。

Use of advertising is a technique to increase sales to the public or organization. this is to create interest in a product for the company to be successful in their business to selling sales Promotion customer sales  is a technique used to interest customers to purchase a product. promotions only last for a certain period of time, and are used to achieve sales on new products or existing products. trade promotions - the word trade refers to manufacturers and retailers coming together, trade promotions is a way of increasing demand in retail to sell more product, including the right pricing on this product, discount, free gift, vouchers, competitions and cash bonuses. trade promotions have many benefits to the company, as retail promotions are competitive. trade promotions can increase the visibility of the product and the quantity of the product. this can also enlarge a products market segment penetration, or the total in sales.

第二段进一步说明use of advertising的适用范围:the public or organization(公众或组织)。之后举出例子:company(公司)。之后表达观点:promotion是其中一种引起消费者兴趣的广告手段。之后,继续说明:为什么这种手段是好的广告手段,比如‘rade promotions can increase the visibility of the product and the quantity of the product. this can also enlarge a products market segment penetration, or the total in sales’ (贸易促销可以增加产品的知名度和产品的数量。这也可以扩大产品细分市场的渗透率,或总销售额)

Companies use trade promotions to improve their sales with other companies and to increase their relationship towards them. personal promotions are referred to any type of marketing communication used to target customer sales. the biggest aim of a promotion is to increase sales, awareness of product, and loyalty for the product to continue sales throughout. promotional sales are one of the elements in promotional mix. personal promotions are aimed at the sales force, and could involve all staff. the staff would have bonuses such are commission, or salary increased, this will motivate the staff to work harder towards their targets and have a good impact on the company’s sales, prizes for staff such as holidays or product goods, which will benefit a sales team, this will increase the sales team building.

接下来的一段,进一步说明运用promotion的优势,以支持自己‘promotion是不错的广告手段’的立场和观点: improve their sales with other companies and to increase their relationship towards them‘(改善他们与其他公司的销售并增加他们与他们的关系)。

Personal selling, is a technique where businesses use the sales force to sell a product after meeting with the customer face to face. body language, interpersonal skills and attitude is a few of the skills needed to succeed in selling a product. this is one of the most expensive ways to promote as it relies on the recruitment and sales team, giving them pressure to do so. the company will like to spread awareness about the product, for which it will adopt person to person approach. selling can be done within two different ways - retail and direct to customer.

这一段,作者列出第二个广告类型:personal selling并对其下定义。之后,说明它的优势和意义’个人销售是一种技术,企业在与客户面对面会面后使用销售人员销售产品。肢体语言、人际关系技巧和态度是成功销售产品所需的一些技能。这是最昂贵的促销方式之一,因为它依赖于招聘和销售团队,给他们带来这样做的压力。公司希望传播对产品的认识,为此它将采用人对人的方法。‘
Sales communications - is linked to the employee on how well they can communicate clearly, openly, concisely and creating positive client relationship. Public relations  is managing the communication of information to spread between an individual or organization, for example, a business, government agency, a nonprofit agency or the public. public relations could be advertising such as Instagram, television, radio, newspaper and magazines, exhibitions or fairs. this is an organization to make the public more aware of the products and organization of the company. public relations, is paid in terms of time, materials and expenses. Public relation is an organization to inform the public on the product, advertising sells, there is a big difference between these
organizations. public relations have its own professional bodies and is controlled through legal and voluntary. Public relations use a number of techniques to boost their client’s public imagine to the target audience. public relations give the target audience a good insight to the clients’ activities, also this will create a higher percentage in there publicity, which will carry on to more sales in the organization and them reaching their target. Direct marketing direct marketing is a form of advertising through a number of different varieties, including direct mail - via post, send flyers to a specified customer with special offers to attract interest from them. call centers, also known as telemarketing, offering customers an existing service or new product, there has been an increase in this organization because of its low cost, and high coverage with customers. personal selling, communicating with a customer and explaining the features and benefits of a product to interest a company to buy these products. leaflet drops, delivering leaflets to households, this is another way to attract new customers. direct response advertising, when the customer directly responds to the advert. internet, this will suit customers, as it allows contact between the organization and potential customers.
 本段通过解读public relations (公众关系)来进一步说明广告使用的另一种方式:sales communication 的重要性,意义和优势。当介绍新名词时,务必对该名词下定义或做解读。之后才能继续论证。例如,该段中,先将public relations 下定义’公共关系是管理在个人或组织之间传播的信息交流’。紧接着,对该名词通过举例来进一步解释‘for example, a business, government agency, a nonprofit agency or the public ’ (例如,企业、政府机构、非营利机构或公众)。

在这些选段中,可以发现,每一段都和主题意见和立场‘在全球市场中使用广告‘ (a point of view)紧密相关:作者推荐哪些广告类型?(意见);它们是如何并定义的?;有哪些优势?(理由),为什么有优势? (提供证据)。整个流程,体现了’argumentative‘逻辑思路。
二、Argument essay技巧总结
一篇优秀的argument essay需要向读者解读该话题的释义,罗列本人支持的立场或意见(a point of view),陈述支持理由(reasoning),同时提供证据(evidence),使理由有据可循,更能说服读者相信和支持你的立场或意见。通常一篇argument essay需要以下的写作结构:
1.Introduction (介绍段):argument essay的第一段应该概述主题,提供理解你的论点所需的背景信息,概述你将提出的证据并陈述你的论点。
2. The thesis statement(中心论点):这通常在introduction,也就是第一段中的一部分。它是对您的主要观点和主张的简明扼要的一句话总结。
3. Body paragraph (正文部分):典型的argument essay包含三个或更多段落,解释您支持论文的原因。每个正文段落都应涵盖不同的想法或证据,并包含一个主题句,清楚而简洁地解释为什么读者应该同意您的立场。正文段落是您通过示例、研究、统计、研究和文本引用来支持您的主张的地方。提出相反的观点并反驳它们或解释你为什么不同意它们。从各个角度展示事实并考虑一个主题会增加可信度,并帮助您获得读者的信任。
4. Conclusion(结论):这一段重申你的论点并总结你在正文段落中提出的所有论点。一个好的结论将吸引读者的情绪,而不是引入新的事实或更多的论点。在某些情况下,作者会使用个人轶事来解释该主题对他们个人的影响。

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