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摘要:杉本宏志 Hiroshi Sugimoto 下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- Hiroshi Sugimoto,文章讲述杉本宏志(Hiroshi Sugimoto)于1948年出生于日本。杉本最初在东京的圣保罗大学学习政治和社会学,但在......

杉本宏志 Hiroshi Sugimoto

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- Hiroshi Sugimoto,文章讲述杉本宏志(Hiroshi Sugimoto)于1948年出生于日本。杉本最初在东京的圣保罗大学学习政治和社会学,但在1970年,他进入了洛杉矶艺术与设计艺术学院学习美术。
Hiroshi Sugimoto

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
Today, my topic is an artist whose name is hiroshi sugimoto.
Firstly, I would give u a short introduction about him.




Hiroshi Sugimoto was born in Japan in 1948.  Sugimoto initially studied politics and sociology at St. Paul’s University in Tokyo, but in 1970 he enrolled at the Art Center College of Art and Design in Los Angeles to study Fine Art.
He subsequently moved to New York, where he established himself as a photographer interested in the representation of reality. His catalogue is made up of a number of series, each having a distinct theme and similar attributes. Because Sugimoto was influenced by Dada and Surrealist techniques and aesthetics, he photographed movie and opera houses, natural history dioramas, and wax figures, using long exposures to create eerie scenes with unnatural lighting. His work deals with history and temporal existence by investigating themes of time, empiricism, and metaphysics. 

杉本博司1948年出生于日本。杉本本最初在东京圣保罗大学(St. Paul 's University)学习政治和社会学,但在1970年,他进入洛杉矶艺术中心艺术设计学院(Art Center College of Art and Design)学习美术。


 Sugimoto is also a practicing architect and has designed specific spaces to exhibit his photography. His interest in architecture is also evident in his many photographs of old buildings. His work is highly respected and has been shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, among other institutions.
Sugimoto has received a number of grants and fellowships, and his work is held in the collections of the Tate Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and the Metropolitan Museum of New York, among many others. Portraits, initially created for the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin, traveled to the Guggenheim New York in March 2001. Sugimoto received the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography in 2001. In 2006, a mid career retrospective was organized by the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. and the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. A monograph entitled Hiroshi Sugimoto was produced in conjunction with the exhibition. He received the Photo España prize, also in 2006, and in 2009 was the recipient of the Paemium Imperiale, Painting Award from the Japan Arts Association.  Most recently, Sugimoto unveiled his “Glass Tea House Mondrian” at Le Stanze del Vetro on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore during the 2014 Venice Biennale.


杉本博司获得了许多资助和奖学金,他的作品被泰特美术馆、芝加哥当代艺术博物馆、纽约大都会博物馆等收藏。这些肖像画最初是为柏林德意志古根海姆博物馆(Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin)创作的,2001年3月,它们来到纽约古根海姆博物馆(Guggenheim New York)展出。杉本博司在2001年获得了Hasselblad基金会国际摄影奖。2006年,华盛顿的赫希霍恩博物馆(Hirshhorn Museum)和东京的森美术馆(Mori Art Museum)组织了一场职业中期回顾展。与这次展览同时出版了一本名为杉本博司的专著。他还在2006年获得了西班牙摄影奖,并在2009年获得了日本艺术协会颁发的Paemium Imperiale绘画奖。最近,杉本博司在2014年威尼斯双年展(Venice Biennale)上,在圣乔治马焦雷(San Giorgio Maggiore)岛上的Le Stanze del Vetro推出了他的“蒙德里安(Mondrian)玻璃茶室”。

 Now, let’s go to the special features about him and his artwork.

He is known for his explorations of the illusionary properties of photography. In particular, he brings together three series—habitat dioramas, wax portraits, and early photographic negatives—that present objects of historical and cultural significance from various museum collections. By photographing subjects that  replicate moments from the distant past, Sugimoto critiques the medium's presumed capacity to portray history with accuracy. 
Now, I will introduce something about the Framework of his mind.

In terms of the different mind of his artwork, it can be divided into three parts---- habitat dioramas, wax portraits, and early photographic negatives habitat dioramas, wax portraits, and early photographic negatives.
In terms of dioramas, his works omit the didactic materials surrounding each display and heighten the illusion that the animals were photographed in their natural habitats. While each photograph appears to be a candid moment captured by an experienced nature photographer, the subjects depicted will hold their poses indefinitely. 






 In terms of wax portraits , Posed against pitch-black backdrops and framed by the camera in a manner alluding to old master portrait-painting traditions, Sugimoto's subjects were captured with a nine-minute exposure that illuminates the finely modeled expressions and the sumptuous costumes. These life-sized photographs record likenesses that have been filtered through multiple reproductions of the original sitter. 
In terms of early photographic negatives,  After photographing some of Talbot's photogenic-drawing negatives, he produced large-scale prints and colored them with toning agents to replicate the hues of the paper negatives. The scale of the enlarged prints reveals the fibers of the original paper, which create intricate patterns embedded in the images.



As a famous artists, what is the review from others ?“Sugimoto is one of our era's most respected photographers. His photographic subjects are important to the interpretation of art, history, science and religion. He combines Eastern philosophy and Western culture closely. " he was commented as the winners for the year 2001.

Also, he received many grants and fellowships.



In this instance he used a camera obscura to project the light that was reflected off the building through a lens fitted onto the camera obscura. A piece of light-sensitive paper was taped at the back of the camera obscura. The reflection of the building was registered on the paper, which produced this sketchy negative image of the building. Talbot conducted these light-sensitivity experiments from mid-1834 until the summer of 1835. In early January 1839, he learned about Jacques Louis Mandé Daguerre's impending announcement of his daguerreotype process in France; two weeks after Daguerre's announcement, Talbot published his invention of the photogenic drawing. 


范文 杉本宏志http://www.0592w.com/Paperfanwen/fanwen514.html



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