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摘要:金枪鱼和炸薯条读后感report Analysis of tuna and French fries This report is an analysis of two chapters, Tuna and French Fries. After looking at the material, we have a lot to say about the relationship between society and the environment i......

金枪鱼和炸薯条读后感report Analysis of tuna and French fries

This report is an analysis of two chapters, Tuna and French Fries. After looking at the material, we have a lot to say about the relationship between society and the environment in Chapter 12, Tuna and Chapter 14, French Fries. The history of tuna and chips is complex and gives us useful advice on how to deal with the social and environmental links. In this paper, the author tries to write his own understanding of the relevant content, including the summary, summary, introduction and some principles in the chapter.
这份report是对Tuna与French Fries两章分析,看完材料之后,我们有很多关于在第12章金枪鱼和第14章炸薯条社会与环境之间的关系。金枪鱼和薯条的发展历程是复杂的,也给予了我们在处理社会和环境的联系上许多有用的建议。在本文中,作者试图写出自己对所学相关内容的理解,包括对文章的总结,概括,介绍和章节里面出现的一些原则等。
   After reading the materials, we have a lot about the relationship between society and environment in chapter 12 Tuna and chapter 14 French Fries. Historically, the development of both tuna and French fries is not so easy and gives us a lot of useful suggestions on deal with the relationship of society and environment. In this article, the author will try his best to write what he thought and got after reading the materials in several parts, including the summary of the two chapters, the introduction of the lessons and principles learned from the two chapters and the suggestions for the practice to deal with the relation of environment and society.
  In Chapter 12 Tuna, the author introduces the background of tuna by the introduction of a film to get readers’ attention to read. The article mainly introduces readers the nature history of tuna, especially the introduction of Bluefin and yellowfin including the way to catch tuna, the places and its effects from the perspectives of markets, political economy and ethnics. Meanwhile, the article discusses the problems of tuna fishery towards ocean and the massive impact food consumption on the environment. From the chapter, it also tells that development of technology, markets and the role of the government play an important role on dealing with the relationship of environment and society. The chapter provides some suggestions on the relationship.
  In chapter 14, it mainly talks about French Fries. The chapter tells the historical development and evolution of French Fries, which experienced the low production and massive consumption forming some treat of today’s society. After the introduction of the history of the French Fries, the chapter mainly analyzes the risk of French Fries on the choice of what to produce and eat by analyzing the science of good and bad fats, the healthier choices of diet and the relations of risk, choice and regulation of dietary food. Meanwhile, it discusses the marketing and globalization impacts on the production and consumption of French fries, which promotes the massive production and demand of French fries. With the increasingly massive demand of French fries, the chapter analyzes the massive production of French fries results in the environment, that is, the relationship between environment and ethics.
  After reading the two chapters, I learned a lot in dealing with the relationship between the environment and society. The two chapters tell me that the development of technology can largely promote the productivity and thus make big influence on the environment. Meanwhile, government plays an important role in the protecting the environment as well. For example, on the tuna fishery, the government ever carried out a policy of demanding and limiting the fishing of tuna, which protected the tuna to some extent. The markets or globalization, promoting the production and demand of the commodity, would do a large harm to the environment, such as the ecological diversity, if no adaptable policies or regulations were put into effect.
  As students, we have no large power and resources when dealing with the relationship between society and environment. However, nowadays the problems about environment become more and more serious. There are so many pollutions and natural disasters in the world, and they all have the unpredictable effect. For example, more and more factories function, follow that also have some water pollutions, air pollutions; as for the special air can make holes in the ozone layer, destroy the atmosphere as well; flood, desert, dry, such the disasters like those probably will be happen in next time. Therefore, we can start from a large number of small things. We can protect our environment by doing small things by ourselves in our daily life, and we can do something around our neighborhood, because it's our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy as well.
Recently,our class have had a discussion about an Eco-travel. Some of my classmates are in favor of going to Red River Village. They say they could swim there and go boating on it. They also say they could learn about the birds by the river.
  What is more,by staying at hotels in Red River Village,they can help the villages make money so that they can take care of the river and birds. However,other students are against the idea,they prefer Snow Mountain,saying that they could go hiking and looking at other animals there.They suggest planting trees on the mountains. They also say by going there,they could help the people to keep the mountain clean to take care on the birds on the mountains.
As we all know, our environment is getting worse and worse. Fortunately, much progress has been made in recent years in protecting the environment. In order to live a better life, we students, should try our best to protect our environment as well.
  Firstly, save energy in our daily life. We ought to turn off the lights the moment we leave and turn off the tap when we are brushing our teeth. We can recycle and reuse things. Say no to plastic bags. Secondly, call on people to plant more trees and take measure to reduce water and air pollution. What’s more, we should put the low carbon lifestyle into practice. We should take part in more activities such as ‘ Earth Hour’, which is used to call on to keep the lights off for one hour at a special time. It can save energy and improve climate.
  Just set our mind to these: no- car day, no plastic bags, and no waste .In a word, if everyone pays more attention to our environment, there will be less pollution and our life will be better.
  Meanwhile, apart from protecting the environment, we can help government to deal with the relationship ecology and ethnics. We can help to advocate such things to the public by all kinds of means, including taking active part in the volunteer activities, talking to parents to make more people arise the consciousness of such thing, taking active part in the competitions of such things, etc.
  Nature is the mother human beings’. No development will be move forward if no effective ways of dealing with the relationship between the society and environment. Protecting environment is to protect ourselves, thus let us start from our daily life’s small things and protect our earth together.




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