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Chapter One   Subordination to Man

A. Work-ox and brood-sow to the white people
Since the first group of Africans were trafficked to America in 1619, black people were enslaved  to  white  people  and  were  denied human  rights  to  life,  liberty  and  the  pursuit  of happiness. In the time of slavery, they worked as work-ox which can be sold, tortured or even killed at their owner’s will. Being given little food to eat and shabby clothes to wear, black slaves had to take excessive physical labor. Black women were in more miserable condition. In the daytime, they had to work as hard as black men. In the evening, they were the tool for their white master to release their sexual desire. When they were pregnant by their master and gave birth, they were treated even worse by their mistress. Their child, being a mulatto, was a slave who became a new tool to meet their master’s sexual desire, which was another hard hit to black woman. As bell hooks states in Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center:
As a group, black women occupy an unusual position in this society, not only because we are at the bottom of  the career ladder together, but also because our overall social status is lower than that of any other group. In this position, we bear the brunt of gender discrimination, racial discrimination and legal aid oppression. At the same time, we are an unsocialized group that does not  play  the  role  of exploiter/oppressor  because  we  do  not  allow institutionalized  “other”  that  we  can  exploit  or  oppress.  White  women  and black men have  two  sides.  They  can  be  oppressors  or  oppressed.  Blacks  may be  victims  of  racism,  but  racism  makes  them exploiters  and oppressors  of blacks.
Hurston  keenly  observed  and  dedicated  to  depict  the  hardship  the  Afro-African women experienced as an usually neglected group. In her novel, Janie’s grandma Nanny is the epitome of the miserable fate black female slave would experience. Nanny who is “born back due in slavery”3, is raped by her white master and gives birth to her daughter Leafy. Not long after  the  birth  of  Leafy,  her white  master  leaves  home  and  takes  part  in  the  battle.  Then, Nanny’s white mistress who cannot stop her husband from raping Nanny, takes her gall of her husband’s betrayal out on Nanny. She tyrannizes and abreacts all her jealous and resentment to Nanny. She slaps Nanny cruelly, threatens to whip Nanny till the blood run down to her heels and to sell Nanny’s daughter Leafy. Nanny has to flee from her mistress’s backyard with her newly born baby to save her baby.

B. Mule of family
The history of human civilization is the history of the establishment and development of patriarchal society. In the patriarchal society, women are personal property of men, and they are daughters of fathers, sisters of brothers. They have no independent social status and rights, and their identities are completely attached to men. As Jonathan Cullers claims, man/woman’s “hierarchical structure is marked in myriad ways, from the biblical genetic record that women are  created from  men’s  ribs as  a complement  or  ‘aid’ to  the  semantic,  morphological,  and etymological  relationship  between  men  and  women  in  English”9.In  patriarchal  culture, women are “the second sex” or “the other”. They are the class which is under the exploitation and oppression of men. However, the black women are quite different from the white women in America. Although white women may suffer the oppression from men, they also have the racial privilege to act as exploiters and oppressors over the black(both men and women) while black women are at the bottom of the American society. 
In  Their  Eyes  Were  Watching  God,  Hurston  applies  the  image—mule  to  signify  the miserable status of black women. The image mule firstly appeared in a folk tale, “Why the Sister in Black Works Hardest” that collected in Mules and Men. The first time the image appears in the book is when Nanny tries to persuade Janie to marry Logan. From Nanny’s personal  life  experience,  she  forms  the view  that  “de  nigger  woman  is  de  mule”3.  Nanny believes if Janie does not marry Logan, Janie may became the white man’s mule or spitting pot, which also implies Nanny’s recognition of patriarchal value. It verifies that the society has made the patriarchal culture internalized in Nanny’s mind and influenced Nanny’s thought and  deeds. When  Janie  tells  Nanny  her  worries  that  how  she  can fall in love  with Logan, Nanny only tells her it is foolish to think about love, “Heah you got uh prop tuh lean on all yo’ bawn days, and big protection, and everybody got tuh tip dey hat tuh you and call you Mis’ Killicks, and you come worryin’ me ‘bout love”3. 

Chapter Two   Spirit Being Restrained by Man

A. No communication in marriage life
After  Janie  is  enlightened  under  the  pear  tree  about  the  sweet  love  and  harmonious marriage, she is arranged to marry Logan by Nanny. Janie does not want to marry Logan since she does not love Logan and Logan does not match her imagination of the romantic love and harmonious marriage. But Nanny tells Janie “ ‘Tain’t Logan Killicks Ah wants you to have, baby, it’s protection.”3 To Nanny, Leafy and her experience of being torturing and rapped by the white makes her believe being a mistress in a bought house and with sixty acres land is the best  security  for  Janie.  The  marriage  between  Janie  and  Logan  is  an  exchange  between Logan’s property and Janie’s beauty and youth. From the very beginning, Janie is not one participant in this marriage, but an object be traded. 
In the novel, Logan is a man who is “absent of flavor” and only cares material life. To Logan, having lands and accumulating wealth by working hard on the lands is the only thing he  cares.  Logan  marries  Janie  just  because  he  need  a  helper  on  the  land  and  an object  to release his sexual desire. In the novel, Logan is in an ambivalence. On the one hand, Logan has  the  confidence  and  sense of  superiority  that  he  is  the  only  one  who  can  provides  the material security for Janie and takes her out of the white backyards. Under the influence of patriarchal culture, Logan automatically assumes that Janie should be obedient and do exactly what he demands her do without talking back—just lack a mute mule. On the other hand, deep in his heart, Logan worries Janie may be lured by other men and leave him since she is so  young  and  beautiful.  Besides,  under  the  influence  of  white  culture,  Logan  has  the conception that all black women are born to be chippie. There for, Logan try to dominant Janie and silence her to maintain his authority. 

B. Deprivation of discourse in family life
To Janie, Joe “does not represent sun-up and pollen and blooming trees, but he spoke for far horizon. He spoke for change and chance.”3 When Janie realizes the relationship between herself and Logan will never get changes, Janie decides to take the chance for change. When Janie elopes with Joe, she is hopeful that “she was going to have flower dust and springtime sprinkled  over  everything. A  bee  for  her  bloom.  Her  old  thoughts  were  going  to  come  in handy.”
However,  the  second  marriage  with  Joe  is  not  the  equal  and  harmonious  one  Janie expects to have. While Janie is under the physical exploitation from man in her first marriage, Janie receives the spiritual oppression from man. 
When they first meet, Joe calls Janie “a pretty doll-baby”3 and claims that Janie should “sit  on  de  front  porch  and  rock  and  fan yo’self  and  eat  p’taters  dat  other  folks  plant  just special for you.”3 From their first met, Joe takes Janie as a doll which is used to please him. When people come to welcome Joe and Janie, Joe shows his dominance of Janie for the first time. When people ask Janie give a speech in public, without giving Janie a chance to make her choice, Joe makes the decision for her and says “Mah wife don’t know nothin’ ’bout no speech-making’. Ah never married her for nothi’ lak dat. She’s uh woman and her place is in de home.”3 Joe makes his first attempt to confine Janie in the home and act like a mute doll. Janie feels the “bloom  off of things”3. In the following days, Janie continually notices the inharmonious relationship between them. When Janie tells her thoughts to Joe, Joe’s words, “Ah aimed tuh be uh big voice... dat makes uh big woman outa you”3, makes Janie gets the feeling of coldness and fear. Once more, Janie notices inequality between them. It is Joe who decides Janie’s life rather than herself. 
Chapter Three Construction of Independence……………………… 31
A.Self awareness awakened by nature  ………………………31
B.Pursuit  of  true  love  ……………………… 33
C.Dependence  on  self………………………37

Chapter Three   Construction of Independence

A. Self awareness awakened by nature
Janie was born in the back yard of the Washburn who are the quality white folks. She  does  not  experience  the  crucial  mistreatment a black  child  usually  would experience.  Actually,  Janie  has  a  rather  happy  childhood  under  her  grandmother’s protection.  In  the back  yard  of  the  Washburn,  Janie  plays  with  Washburn’s  kids together,  and  even  receives  the  same  punishment  when  they are  caught  in  their devilment by Nanny or Ms Washburn. No one ever tells her that she is different from her white playmates until she finds it occasionally. When Janie is six, someone takes a photo for her and her playmates. When Janie cannot recognize herself in the photo, everybody laugh. After Janie expresses her astonishment, everybody even laugh “real hard”. This event, on one hand, shows Janie is too innocent to realize her identity as a black. On the other hand, it exposes the Washburn’s innermost superiority over the black. Before her six-year old, Janie is a pet rather than a human being as equal as her white playmates. Another thing can show Janie’s subordinate existence in the white world is her name. “Dey all useter call me Alphabet ‘cause so many people had done named me  different  names”3 The  white  people  name  Janie  at  their  own  will  while their own children have their particular name, while Janie shows no resistance to it. Sigrid  King  claims  that  “naming  is  tied  to  ethnic  as  well  as  individual  identity”5. Therefore, Janie has no awareness of her subjectivity at that time. 


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英语论文:初中英语阅读教学策略探微 由硕士毕业论文中心,硕士论文组整理提供,本文阐述了初中英语阅读教学策......

标签:essay一字多少钱 essay一般写什么 essay一般多少字 essay一般多少页 essay要写多少字 essay演讲怎么写 essay写手是什么 essay题目怎么写 essay论文怎么写 Essay论点怎么写 essay留学生代写 essay就是论文吗 

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英语论文:初中英语教学中渗透生命教育的有效策略 由硕士毕业论文中心,硕士论文组整理提供,本文阐述了初中英......

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英语论文:以通识教育为途径开展英语教学提升中职学校学生的综合就业竞争力 由硕士毕业论文中心,硕士论文组整......

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英语论文:初中英语阅读课堂中的教学延伸 由硕士毕业论文中心,硕士论文组整理提供,本文阐述了初中英语阅读课......

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英文论文与留学生论文的区别 虽然有的留学生论文也是英文,但是和英文论文还是存在差别的,英文论文,如果是在......

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