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An analysis of Organizational Development





Organizational development can be defined as the organ that identifies the central priorities to be attended to in the organization, outlines the plans on how to manage changes , and then guides the organization on how to in the implementation of the change. Organizational development as an entity has the knowledge and practice that fosters organizational performance and development of the individuals. The OD interventions in this organizations involves the balance of work and life diversity, performance management ,training ,approaches to strategic planning ,designing of organizations, development of leadership and the management of change. The OD practitioner's intention is to improve the effectiveness of the organizations and its people by creating relationships with the key personnel within the organization. The OD also improves effectiveness by evaluating and researching organizational systems so as to identify the malfunctions .The OD also identifies the interventions and methods of planned change which can bring about effectiveness in an organization. To improve efficiency the OD also evaluates the constant efficiency of the approaches and their results. Organizational development as a topic is important in that it enables one to know whatever the force is behind the success of some organizations and also the vital roles it plays in propelling organizations to their accomplishment. This paper is going to deal with how the OD assists in organizational performance through training and planned intervention respectively.


Training and organizational performance 培训与组织绩效


Training can be defined as the process of transferring or obtaining knowledge abilities and skills needed to perform particular tasks. Training revolves around both the employer and the employee. The main purpose of training and development the workers attend to their jobs effectively. The changing business environment organizations have to be ahead of competition by embracing competition and reinvention. Training involves the teaching on responsibilities and sharing of knowledge so as to improve services to customers and also the advancement of careers. This advances the organizational group and individual efficacy. Training propels the achievement of organizational goals and objectives (HR Magazine) 2008.


The training and development in an organization is supported by the management of the learning environment through the identification of staff competencies and development. The learning environment is also managed through the modeling of the staff so as to achieve according his professional standards aims and regulations of the organization. . Evaluation and implementation of the learning activities related to can also assist in managing the learning environment. Precedence should be given to the learning activities which relate directly to the organizational goals aims and objectives. the necessary training can also be achieved through educating of individual employees, team and programs. This can be achieved when the employees are allowed to use their natural strengths fully and also through the use of the interactive approach .training can also be supported by the enhancement of the organizational knowledge. This can be achieved through the transformation of the organization into a knowledge modeling and sharing unit. It can also be achieved through the advancement in the delivery and the delivery of knowledge.


Training improves organizational performance.emloyees are taught on how to interact this creates a sense of community and there fore the new employees will perform their duties without fear or intimidation and therefore continued increase in performance .training assist employees in adjusting to the incoming technologies this will ensure that workers are not affected by new technologies and therefore increased performance. Training enables employees in the integration of new or increased responsibilities. This ensures that employees are satisfied and therefore increased performance. Training creates the situation where internal and external customers are given equal attention this gives room top quality service environment which leads to increased organizational performance. Human relations training strengthens the interpersonal skills which results to improved communication hence increased performance. Training improves sensitivity in through the establishment of programs which deal with disparities in the organization. This improves employee's satisfaction which leads to increased performance. Training promotes overall well being of the employees this bring satisfaction and this motivates workers .a motivated worker performs his duties to the satisfaction of the companies goals. Training also helps individuals in achieving the entry requirement in a job this ensure that quality services and therefore improved performance. Outplacement training enables the employees to plan for their retirement. Performance improvement training assists those who do not meet the organizational standards in uplifting their knowledge. This will assist the individuals in meeting performance e requirements for a specific job and this will increase productivity. Training assists employees in understanding their boundaries or the variation between two departments. This enables the workers in concentrating on their department and therefore increasing performance. The training assists the employees in balancing the relationship between work and family. The individual can therefore perform his duties to satisfaction and therefore increasing performance. Training brings about talent management. This is because managers are taught on how to develop attract and maintain people who have expertise to meet organizational objectives. This brings about efficiency and increased performance. managers are trained on system thinking .his results to increased performance in that the manager now show to relate different department and this improves consistency in performance. Managers are trained on how to plan succession and replacement of workers. The managers are therefore capable of identifying potential people to fill vacant positions and therefore increasing performance.


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