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文化-LED在中国发展的成功和失败-Culture-led development in China was been successful or unsuccessful in China.

Methodological statement  方法声明

1.1 Culture industry in China  中国文化产业

Culture industry is a new industry in 21st century and it is an industry which supplying culture, entertainment goods and service to the society. Culture Industry is called as the Golden Industry or Sunshine Industry in this new century. With analyzing two examples in China, getting the conclusion that culture-led industry is a successful choice in some sense and then there may be some thing can be learned from it for the future’s developing.

Now first it is the culture industry’s present situation in China. Although it is not exist in the name of culture industry in the long history of China, it did exist in the old and present China. Modern culture industry got the attention and developed at the end of 1990s, like holding the annual meeting of cultural industry forum of China. Not only holding the meetings, but also many professors and experts study and research this problem. Cultural industry research gets more and more attention, and the base of it the cultural industry’s developing and getting attention from government and companies.

For researching culture-led development is successful or failure in China, this paper will analyze it from the example of Qujiang New District in Xi’an. But only one district situation cannot stand for a whole nation, so there is also some reasoning about the cultural industry’s situation of Xi’an, like these years cultural industry’s developing in Xi’an. From contrasting economical situation of Qujiang before the culture industry introducing and after it is introducing into Qujiang New District, then get the conclusion.
Qujiang New District is located in the southeast of Xi’an city and it is famous for Wild Goose Pagoda and Qujiang Imperial Garden. The first developing planning is 15.88 square kilometers, but the fourth time of Xi'an revision program planning expands it to 47 square kilometers.

It is also one important part in “four districts and two bases” of Xi’an. In the history Qujiang, it has been the royal garden for so long period. From the record, it is known that Qujiang emerged from Qin and Han dynasty, prospered in the Sui and Tang, until now, it is also very famous for the culture and tourism industry. So it lasts about more than 2,000 years and it is recognized as pioneering in the royal gardens’ development.

From the above analysis, it is easy to get that culture industry is the leading industry in Qujiang New District. So there is the question that what is the function of culture industry?

So many articles about this have been published in different local newspapers in China, like South Daily, Hebei Daily and so on. Summing them up, it can be stated like below:

First cultural industry can attract the advanced technology, with this method, it can indicate the industry’s developing orientation, and then it have the chance to lead the whole national economy.
Second with USA, Japan and Korea’s experience, it is easy to know that economic crises time is just the developing and flourishing time of cultural industry. At the same time, cultural industry helps the economy develop from hardware to software. The soft power of a country is just the core and general strength of a country’s competitive.
Third cultural industry can help people to face the feedback and hard time with a good mood. With this help, the society can be more optimistic.

Forth developing cultural industry can speed the changing from industry chain to values chain in the economy development. With the values chain, re-organizing the production flow and impel the technique and culture content of economy development. Then improve the management pattern and upgrade the creative ability. With all these steps, strengthen the companies’ competitive.

With all the functions’ analyzing and stating, cultural industry is really a good choice for the whole national economy’s development and reorganizing, especially in the present China.

Along with cultural industry walking into China, so many local places have grasped the chance to exploiting and developing this new industry. Xi’an, as one of six ancient capitals in China, over there, the cultural industry has gotten more and more attentions from government to civil community, from specialists and scholars to some folk artisan. In this part, there will something about the cultural industry and cultural industry researching in Xi’an.

There is a committee for specially studying the cultural industry in Xi’an. At the same time, social science college of Xi’an set a team for specially researching and studying the cultural industry’s development in Xi’an since reform and opening-up. Along with these two special studying groups, professors and students in the universities which located or not located in Xi’an also studied this project. With their studying and researching, it is found that there are three stages of cultural industry in Xi’an. The first stage is emerged in 1980s and in this stage, large number of capital invested in the amusement and advertisement companies. The second stage is in the 1990s and the characteristic of this stage is so many cultural public institutions changed to be cultural companies. The third stage is from 2000 to now, integrating market; adjusting operating policy and complete competitive system are the contents of this stage (social science college of Xi’an, 2008).

QuJiang New District, a district which puts cultural industry to its developing center, it is not only a new direct which is in the developing and constructing in Xi’an, but also the leader of this industry in the whole country. Traveling and cultural industries are its pillar industry. From the end of 1990s, Qujiang New District began to invest and pay their attention on the travelling and cultural industries. As the Properties Planning, Qujiang New District will be the first cultural brand in the west of China. At the same time, it will drive the employment, regional economies and social education’s development and growth. From the first 15.88 square kilometers’ exploiting planning to the fourth 47 square kilometers, there will be a bright future for it. It is estimated that there will be about 20 billion RMB’s investment and 30 cultural projects (Zhou Bing, 2006).

1.2 set of research objectives of this paper

From the examples of Xi’an and Qujiang New District, it is easy to find that cultural industry is really having the chance to be the leader in China’s development history. But whether culture-led development is a successful one or unsuccessful one still needing considering and studying?

For researching this problem clearly, it is a must to understand all questions in the following.

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