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摘要:这篇文章是阐述辛西娅•库珀(Cynthia Cooper)对美国WorldCom(世通公司)案件展开一系列调查情况,及最终需讨论的问......

The Hero of the Case 
No integrity questions can be raised about Cynthia Cooper whose careful detective work as an internal auditor at WorldCom exposed some of the accounting irregularities apparently intended to deceive investors. Originally assigned responsibilities in operational auditing, Cynthia and her colleagues grew suspicious of a number of peculiar financial transactions and went outside their assigned responsibilities to investigate. What they found was a series of clever manipulations intended to bury almost $4 billion in misallocated expenses and phony accounting entries.45
Anative of Clinton, Mississippi, where WorldCom's headquarters was located, Ms. Cooper conducted her detective work was in secret, often late at night to avoid suspicion. The thing that firs t aroused her curiosity came in March 2002 when a senior line manager complained to her that her boss, CFO Scott Sullivan, had usurped a $400 million reserve account he had set aside as a hedge against anticipated revenue losses. That didn't seem kosher, so Cooper inquired of WorldCom's accounting firm, Arthur Andersen. They brushed her off, and Ms. Cooper decided to press the matter with the board's audit committee. That put her in direct conflict with her boss, Sullivan, who ultimately backed down. The next day, however, he warned her to stay out of such matters. 
密西西比克林顿Anative,世通公司总部坐落在这里。库珀女士是秘密的进行她的侦探工作,为了避免怀疑经常在深夜。这件事情第一次引起了她的好奇心实在2002年3月,当一个高级直线经理跟库珀女士抱怨她的老板,CFO(首席财务官)Scott Sullivan, 篡夺一个4亿美元的储备账户,他留出来作为对冲预期收入损失,这似乎不太合适。所以库珀寻味世通公司的会计师事务所,Arthur Andersen(安达信),他们对她不屑一顾,库珀女士决定到董事会的审计委员会按压此事。但这个使她与她的老板Sullivan直接冲突,谁最终退缩。然后,第二天,Sullivan 警告她远离这样的事情。
Undeterred and emboldened by the knowledge that Andersen had been discredited by the Enron case and that the SEC was investigating WorldCom, Cynthia decided to continue her investigation. Along the way, she learned of a WorldCom financial analyst who was fired a year earlier for failing to go along with accounting chicanery.46Ultimately, she and her team uncovered a $2 billion accounting entry for capital expenditures that had never been authorized. It appeared that the company was attempting to represent operating costs as capital expenditures in order to make the company look more profitable. To gather further evidence, Cynthia's team began an unauthorized search through WorldCom's computerized accounting information system. What they found was evidence that fraud was being committed. When Sullivan heard of the ongoing audit, he asked Cooper to delay her work until the third quarter. She bravely declined. She went to the board's audit committee and in June, Scott Sullivan and two others were terminated. What Ms . Cooper had discovered was the largest accounting fraud in U.S. history.47
As single-minded as Cynthia Cooper appeared during this entire affair, it was an incredibly trying ordeal. Her parents and friends noticed that she was under considerable stress and was losing weight. According to the Wall Street Journal, she and her colleagues worried "that their findings would be devastating to the company [and] whether their revelations would result in layoffs and obsessed about whether they were jumping to unwarranted conclusions that their colleagues at WorldCom were committing fraud. Plus, they feared that th ey would somehow end up being blamed for the mess."48
It is unclear at this writing whether Bernie Ebbers will be held responsible for the accounting irregularities that brought down his second in command. Jack Grubman's final legal fate is also unclear. While the ethical quality of enthusiasm and sociability are debatable, the virtue of courage is universally acclaimed, and Cynthia Cooper apparently has it. Thus, it was not surprising that on December 21, 2002, Cynthia Cooper was recognized as one of three "Persons of the Year" by Time magazine.
Questions For Discussion
1. What are the ethical considerations involved in a company's decision to loan executives money to cover margin calls on their purchase of shares of company stock?
2. When well conceived and executed properly, a growth-through-acquisition strategy is an accepted method to grow a business. What went wrong at WorldCom? Is there a need to put in place protections to insure stakeholders benefit from this strategy? If so, what form should these protections take?
3. What are the ethical pros and cons of a banking firm giving their special clients privileged standing in "hot" IPO auctions?
4. Jack Grubman apparently lied in his official biography at Salomon Smith Barney. Isn't this simply part of the necessary role of marketing yourself? Is it useful to distinguish between "lying" and merely "fudging."?
5. Cynthia Cooper and her colleagues worried about their revelations bringing down the company. Her boss, Scott Sullivan, asked her to delay reporting her findings for one quarter. She and her team did not know for certain whether this additional time period might have given Sullivan time to "save the company" from bankruptcy. Assume that you were a member of Cooper's team and role-play this decision-making situation.
辛西娅•库珀和她的同事们担心他们拖垮公司的启示。斯科特•沙利文,她的老板,Scott Sullivan,问她耽误一季度报告了她的发现。她和她的团队不知道这一额外的时间段是否有可能给沙利文时间“拯救公司”破产。假设你是库珀的团队的一员,角色扮演决策的局面。
45  Pelliam,  S.   (2002).  Questioning   the   Books:   WorldCom  Memos  Suggest Plan   to  Bury   Financial   Misstatements. Wall Street  Journal  (July   9),  A‐8. 
46 Orey, M. (2002).Career Journal: WorldCom‐Inspired  'Whistle ‐Blower'  Law   has  Weaknesses.  Wall  Street  Journal  (October   1),  B‐1. 
47  Colvin,   G.   (2002).  Wonder  Women  of   Whistleblowing. Fortune (August 12),  56+. 48  Pelliam,  S.,   & Solomon,   D.  (2002).   Uncooking  the   Books:   How   Three  Unlikely  Sleuths  Discovered  Fraud at   WorldCom.
Wall  Street  Journal   (October   30),   A‐1. 


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