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The Consumer Behavior of Nike耐克公司的消费行为


With the Olympic Games held in different parts of the world, sports have become a hot topic in the world. 在世界各地不同的地方举行的奥运会,体育都是已经成为世界范围的一个热门话题。There are more and more people who really want to join into the sports and buy the sports’ products as well. In our sports’ markets, Nike is undoubtedly the most popular brand. So many people always ask that: “Why do people buy Nike?” This presentation will describe the main reasons why people buy Nike, and explain different factors that affect consumer behavior in the process of purchasing Nike.



It is the surprising news to know that Nike, one of the world’s dominant shoes, clothing brands and the experts of sports equipment was appropriately named after the Greek goddess of victory, and it only was the inspiration for the name that caused by a dream. 这是一个令人惊讶的消息,耐克,是在世界上占主导地位的鞋子品牌,服装品牌和体育器材的的命名的寓意是取自于希腊女神的胜利的意思,名称是来自于灵感,以及所代表的一个梦。(Baiker, 2006) In 1971, Johnson who worked as the company’s first full-time salesperson, made a fantastic contribution to his company: in one night’s dream, he got the name of the Greek goddess of victory that called Nike and suggested this name to his company. Then “Nike Brand” has been built in that year. (Vann, n.d.) After nearly 40 years of development, Nike brand has producing apparel, footwear, equipment and other relative products. Especially in footwear, Nike includes basketball, football, soccer, running, skateboarding, golf, cycling and softball. It covers most of sports’ products. (Annie, n.d.)


Why do people buy Nike in modern society? 在现代社会人们为什么买耐克?

According to Nike (NKE) (n.d.), Nike’s sales have grown 52% since 2005 reaching $18.6 billion in 2009. The rapid increase in sales can be attributed primarily to the rise in consumption emerging markets like Russia and China. It indicates there has formed many new markets of purchasing Nike products which is associated with the 2008 Beijing Olympics and European Football Championship. In modern society, it is fact that more and more people begin to fall in love with sports (Nike). Not only the feeling which is brought by the TV programs or advertisements, but also the self interest and motivation on the sports (Nike). Firstly, wearing Nike will make people realized themselves have join into the sports. Nike seems to be a high involvement product for people to purchase and participate. When people are wearing Nike, they can definitely enjoy the feeling of high quality of Nike’s products, such as comfortable, breathable and security. Teenagers buy Nike that will have the chance to meet their idol superstar and also can make interaction with the famous player. These experiences will encourage teenagers to build the right attitudes in their life and study hard. Adults buy Nike are really helpful for them to relax or have a rest. Wearing Nike to be a team or play with you friends, roommates and colleagues, these activities will help adults to get rid of the pressures and build more relationships with each other through the sports. Nike has become a famous tool for people to enjoy the quality of activities, establish the correct attitudes, reduce the pressures and make more friends in their life.


Nike is the expert of sports’ equipment

Because Nike is the expert of sports’ equipment, there are many aspects of advantages that attract people to buy Nike products:

Firstly, Nike has a perfect quality of wearing. No matter what sports you do, Nike always let people experience the most comfortable feeling. It is worth mentioning the air series, aimed at people’s sweating in sports, it can let clothes and shoes breathe freely

Creativity for individual is the second advantage of Nike products. Each season of new products are designed to cater to the needs of the market. Such as the Air Max series, it has been particularly offered for the running people. In order to accord with the current events, Nike usually makes some memorial clothing or shoes with totem, such as the Beijing Olympics and the 2010 World Cup.

Technical innovation is the most important part of Nike’s development. Nike team also tries their best to reform their techniques. Through the experiments, Nike team can provide the new techniques or skills into the new products. For example, new Nike basketball shoes which have super air cushion, let athletes can jump higher than before.

To be trendy is another benefit that Nike brings to people. With the sports events held in the world, the perception of many people have been transferred, from passive watching to active participating. Now people have perceived that participating into the sports is a useful way for self identity. Following the celebrity effect, many people get to know who are they and build the self-confidence or dream when they make interaction with the superstars or outstanding players.

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