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摘要:This essay will firstly discuss the corporate ethical issues and social responsibility and illustrate the ethics in software industry that enterprises......

Write a 700 word essay Analyzing the ethical issues in a chosen(eg: Food, Clothes, Pharmaceutics)industry, focusing on the behaviour of 2 comparable international companies(知名的,具体的公司) with this industry

Clear Definition
Background information
Outline of discussion/intent

Main Body
Key themes (relating to industry)、
Supporting example-with particular companies and their behaviour


With the advance of economic globalization, competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. Enterprises not only faced a domestic competition, but also faced foreign competition in the industry. The construction of business ethics is also facing new challenges. This essay will firstly discuss the corporate ethical issues and social responsibility and illustrate the ethics in software industry that enterprises should follow. Following this, it will make a description of the importance of business ethics and moral construction through some examples.
Corporate ethics and social responsibility
The business ethic is a significant part of the social ethical system and a concrete manifestation of the moral principles in the enterprise. Enterprises, regarded as the cells of the market, treat the pursuit of profit maximization as its direct objective. And as a member of the social, they must make their own profits process to be a useful process of social progress which will promote the comprehensive development, that is to say, people also must focus on the corporate ethics and the social responsibility.
In addition to the market self- regulation and the government's macro-control, the moral constraint is the third adjustment method. It cannot only regulate the business activities of enterprises, but also erect a good corporate image, enhance the competitiveness Business Management of enterprises and make a positive impact on the community. Enterprises in the production and business activities must conscientiously fulfill the ethical standards and social responsibilities.
Corporate social responsibility includes four main aspects: the first one is the sound standards of corporate governance and ethical which include the compliance with the laws, the existing rules and international standards that against corruption and bribery, the principles of ethical conduct guidelines and business issues. The next is the responsibility of the person, such as staff security plan, employment opportunities, combating discrimination, pay equity. And then, environmental responsibility includes the maintenance of environmental quality, the use of clean energy together to combat climate change and the conservation of biological diversity. The last one is the contribution to social development that principally in broader contributions to social and economic welfare. These contents are generally recognized by countries around the world and the enterprise.
Business ethics and moral construction
"The great power comes with the greater responsibility", a line in the Spider-Man can be seen as the best summary of that many corporations have turned their social role to undertake their social responsibilities. This shows that successful companies pay more attention to the fulfillment of social responsibility and their own ethics construction.
The American Association of New York-Ethisphere Institute has published the annual "world's most ethical companies hundred list" in 2011. Microsoft implemented heavily the "corporate citizen" concept since the beginning of this century. It donated millions of dollars to non-profit organizations, made the investment of economic development projects, and tightened internal reporting procedures. All of these are clearly enough for Microsoft to board this year's list. After the March 11th earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, Microsoft conducted a donation. Microsoft said it would provide Japan two million dollars relief funds that include 250 000 dollars in cash and in-kind contributions such as software products (Microsoft, 2011). However, Lucent, as the same as the benchmark for software industry, bursted out of a financial scandal: accounted for 67.9 million dollars which are distributor sales that did not arrive actually (Lucent, 2004).
Due to the lack of moral support and the idea that overemphasizing on the technical system design, it results in unethical issues in some companies. Morality is largely a self-discipline. It requires not only the improvement of the community legal system, public scrutiny, but also moral construction of the enterprises themselves to enhance corporate ethical standards. Enterprises should pay attention to the factors of product quality, corporate culture, environmental protection and human values which would towards to promote the ethical construction.
Putting a premium on the role of ethics, not only make the ethical behavior in the binding to play an active role in the company, while it also helps to restore investor trust of the company. Trust is a kind of social wealth which should be protected just like the air people breathe or water people drink. When trust is damaged, society as a whole will be undermined; after the trust is destroyed, social will collapse. Rules alone is not enough, enterprises need principles much more.

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