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摘要:我想找人代写留学生论文 留学生论文怎么写 Low carbon tourism, which derives from low carbon economy, refers to tourist activities aimi......

我想找人代写留学生论文 留学生论文怎么写

Low carbon tourism, which derives from low carbon economy, refers to tourist activities aiming at curbing carbon output and arousing the low carbon awareness of tourists (Zheng & Lin, 2010). Within the international community, the promotion of low carbon tourism has stirred up much attention.  In 2007, Francesco Frangialli, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization enthusiastically advocated a low carbon way of travelling among over 200 countries via the radio in order to fulfill the commitment of combating climate change. Recently, the Chinese government has released “State Council on Accelerating the Development of Tourism”, in which the low-carbon tourism has been given more attention. For the first time, promoting low carbon tourism was prioritized as a national policy.

Tourism has long enjoyed the prestige of “smokeless industry” due to its low carbon output and little damage to the environment. According to the “Climate Change and Tourism: Responding to Global challenges” published in 2008 by the UNWTO and UNEP, in 2005, carbon emission in tourism industry accounts to 5% of the total carbon output caused by human activities. The entire tourism sector is responsible for 5% to 14% of contribution to global warming. Trivial as the figures may seem, at the current rate of expansion, carbon emission in tourism sectors will grow 2.52 times as much and contributes 188% more to global warming by 2035.

Apart from the necessity, to promote low carbon concept among tourists is much easier and deserves a pioneering role, as has been analyzed by Shi and Wu (2010). In the process, 30,000,000 university students in China, with better education and awareness, shall be considered a major potential market for low carbon tourism.

Countries worldwide are struggling to seek new approaches to assuming the commitment to international agreements on cutting emission, such as Kyoto Protocol, and possibly more legally binding ones. In order to accomplish the goal of low carbon economy, domestic scholars share the proposal that tourism industry should be the leading industry due to its nature and advantages (Shi & Wu, 2010; Wei, 2009; Zheng & Lin, 2010). Though tourism has been eulogized as a “smokeless industry” due to its low carbon output, Cai (2010) maintains that it’s still necessary and possible to set new low carbon standard considering its mounting expansion and extensive connections with other sectors. Furthermore, after comparing eco-tourism with low carbon tourism, a few scholars believe that low carbon tourism, with a broader sense that eco-tourism, seems more feasible and measurable in the pursuit of sustainable tourism development (Cai & Wang, 2010; Liu, 2009; Huang, 2010).

Following the acknowledgement of the important role that low carbon tourism is playing, various suggestions have sprung up from great minds, among which the most unanimously accepted lies in the utilization of clean energy and green materials. As the Dean for the Tourism Department of Nankai University pointed out in an interview in 2010, the core of low carbon tourism lies in the innovation of technology (Shen, 2010). In addition, a lack of low carbon awareness has been criticized as the major cause of otherwise unnecessary carbon emission, though air transportation appears to be the top polluter statistically. Therefore many hold that arousing the low carbon awareness should be the priority in promoting low carbon tourism.
There are others who analyzed the market potential and characteristics of university students, yielding fruitful results. Zhong and Yang(2005)found that university students are more ecological tourists that the average. Others discovered that university students are large in number and constitute a huge market with unique features. However, according to a research, only 7.3% university students who travelled were attracted to tourist products provided by the travel agencies (Yang, 2006). Certain itineraries and products should be designed specifically for them.

On one hand, there is a huge market vacancy of low-carbon tourism products since the infant low carbon tourism fails to target at a particular population. However, if low-carbon tourism could meet the needs of college students, possibilities are that a huge emerging tourism market will be open to competition, which will bring about tremendous benefits. On the other hand, university students will be provided with desirable tourism products, on the other hand, the development of low carbon tourism and ultimately, low carbon economy will be fueled. In the end, the paper proposes suggestions as to how low carbon tourism will be promoted from perspectives of the government and tour operators respectively, in the hope that low carbon tourism has a brilliant prospect.

The paper is divided into four sections. In section one, the paper introduces the definition of low-carbon tourism and how the concept came into being. Section two discuses the current development of low-carbon tourism in China. By presenting the successful examples of low-carbon tourism, obstacles in its development and benefits if the university student market is explored, the paper makes the following analysis meaningful. Correspondingly, in section three, the paper analyzes the status quo of tourism market of college students by citing the example of Xi’an. After studying the tourism behaviors and features of college student tourists and reasons for the slow development of this market, the paper reaches a conclusion that college students are potential low-carbon tourists. Thereby in the last section, the paper proposes suggestions from the perspectives of the government and business companies


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