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摘要:项目管理留学生英语论文怎么写 项目管理留学生英语论文范文格式 Final Project:......

项目管理留学生英语论文怎么写 项目管理留学生英语论文范文格式

Final Project: "Culture Clash"

Description: This assignment is a substantial, culminating activity that is informed by what you have learned in this class about art, gender, and culture. It requires your own, unique interpretation of one of the themes we've encountered this term (i.e., language; access, marginalization, & belonging; female, feminine, fertility; male, masculine, virility; customizing the body; fashion; the gendered landscape; and controversial images). Try to match this assignment with your own interests, expertise, and values.
The final project may take one of four forms:

1) Creation of an Object: For this choice, you need to study a "gendered" medium; one that may have certain etiquette and expectations. Using a similar process you will create an object that challenges those expectations. Examples: (NOTE: THESE ARE ONLY EXAMPLES, PLEASE COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEAS.)

a) Martha Stewart has demonstrated a Barbie doll cake on her video series. The cake has lots of floral motif in pastel colors and a "feminine" focus on accompanying dishes, table setting, etc. Using cake decorating as your "gendered medium," what would a GI Joe doll cake look like?

b) Create a video conceptual framework for a "first person shooter" game with female players in mind. What sort of a plot line would you suggest? What would this "fully textured experience" in an immersive environment look like?

c) Make a quilt with a "twist" (e.g., change the typical materials used, introduce an unusual or shocking image, change the function of the object).
I believe that where cultures clash, there is  imagination and innovation. Review Nadaner's pervasive, invisible, and possible images. In these "culture clash spaces" people tend to see things in new ways and that this is where we learn to celebrate or challenge gender difference. It is also where "art happens." Please note that you will need to take digital images for documentation of your object.

2) Performance: Many activities also have gendered components. Using a gendered activity rather than an object, create a "performance" that challenges gender expectations. Examples: (AGAIN, THESE ARE ONLY EXAMPLES, PLEASE COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEAS.)

a) Ballroom dancing (e.g., tango, salsa, Lindy) have definite male and female parts. Find a partner and switch the "lead." You'll want to record your own perceptions as well as responses from others. Why not switch the costume and behavior expectations for the evening as well?

b) Fishing is considered a predominantly male activity. What would a "feminine" fishing trip be like? How might it be advertised? What would the activities be?

c) Gendered language is a part of our everyday existence that we pretty much take for granted. Design a course of action where you call everyone "sir" or "mam" for a scheduled period of time.  Reverse the words, calling a woman "sir" and a man "mam" or create a new gendered language. Record in what situations and how strongly people objected to your design.
NOTE: Documentation is critical for this option. You need to describe in detail what your performance looked like. Students often combine this option with a response survey of those involved. Photos, calendars, and/or raw data stats are other ways performances have been documented.

3) Collections: Some of us are collectors and can best "study" a topic by collecting examples of it. Once you have a collection, you can analyze it by identifying themes, trends, and/or generalizations. If one of the themes struck you as particularly interesting, you may want to collect objects, images, bibliographic notations, or Web site addresses that relate to the theme. Examples:

1. Collect a series of domestic articles that exemplify "girlie culture" (ties, salt shakers, glasses, tiles, postcards, etc.) Describe your collection and how the items relate to one another.

2. Make a list of artworks (at least 20) that deal with specific, gendered pose or portrayal (e.g., reclining nudes by Titian, Manet, Rubens, etc.) Explain why you put them on this list. Give references of where these images or originals can be found.

3. Create an annotated list (at least 20 references) of Web sites that specifically deal with body modification. Write a brief description of each site, the sponsor, what it has to offer, etc. What is the purpose of your collection? How might it be used for future research?

4) Altering an Art Book: (see separate file for this option).
Format: Format is up to you. Students in the past have created collages, journals, PowerPoint presentations, sculptures, Web sites, radio broadcasts, tour guides, digital image libraries, comic books, advertising campaigns, video etc. The idea is to do something different than the typical research paper. (This doesn't mean your project will lack substance, references, or credibility!)


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