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摘要:Rumor(谣言) Rumor is the most primitive(原始的) way of spreading stories—by passing them on from mouth to mouth. But civilized(文明的) countries in normal times have better sources of news than rumor. They have radio, television, and news......

Rumor is the most primitive(原始的) way of spreading stories—by passing them on from mouth to mouth. But civilized(文明的) countries in normal times have better sources of news than rumor. They have radio, television, and newspaper.
In times of stress and confusion, however, rumor emerges and becomes widespread. Rumors spread especially rapidly during wars when the customary news sources no longer give out enough information. Since the people cannot learn through legitimate(合法的) channels, rumor thrives(繁荣).
Ever those who do not believe them often repeat rumors. There is a fascination(魅力) about them. The reason is that the cleverly designed(设计好的) rumor gives expression to something deep in the hearts of the victims(牺牲者). Pessimistic(悲观的) rumors about defeat and disasters show that the people who repeat them are worried and anxious. Optimistic rumors about production record or peace bring about confidence---and often overconfidence.
Showing feelings

What makes life worth living? There are many possible answers to this question such as “good health”,”a comfortable home”, “plenty of friends” or”long holidays”. But these things would not make life worth living, unless we were able to enjoy them. Whether or not we can enjoy these things depends on the emotions.
Emotion is the word we use to describe feelings such as love, hatred(仇恨),joy, sorrow(悲痛), fear, anger, hope, gloom(忧郁的.心情), etc. These feelings play an important part in our lives: they not only influence our happiness but also affect our health.
 Any strong emotion produces certain changes inside the body. For example, when a person is frightened or angry, his heart beats faster and the activity of his stomach stops. If he is frequently frightened or angry these changes will be taking place all the time. If this goes on for long, his health will be affected. He will begin to suffer from tiredness, stomach trouble, sleeplessness and loss of weight. These changes are sometime described as “suffering from his nerves”. Actually, it is not his nerves that are responsible for his suffering, but his emotion.
People often speak of the need of control emotions. And intelligent man will constantly monitor(监视)his emotions. It is true that emotions can surge(汹涌) up so quickly that you may do something on the spur of the moment you will regret later. One thing you can do when you have a strong feeling ---- whether it is a good one or a bad one --- is to try to determine what caused it. If it is a bad feeling, then you will know to keep away from situation like that in the future. If it is a good feeling, then you will know what will give you more good feeling.
Another way to control your emotions is to tall about how you feel with other people. If you can say why you feel bad, then you will be halfway to getting a grip(控制) on that feeling. It will be as though the thinking part of the brain is helping the feeling part of your brain slow down a little. Some emotions are better avoided completely. The cold, sinister(恶意的), snake-like emotions of hate and jealousy(妒忌) should always be contained(泰然自若的) as soon as they begin to tempt(引诱) a person. Jealousy and hate make a person mentally small and stupid. They should not be shown and they should be extinguished(熄灭).




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